Some waterfalls in Goa where you dont need to trek

Rohan Fernandes

Visiting Goa especially for its monsoon waterfalls? Take a look at some of these waterfalls where you can reach without huffing and puffing.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Bamanbudo| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


This is a beautiful waterfall located near Sankhali in North Goa. One can also visit Arvalem caves which are situated close to the waterfall.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Harvalem| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Bamanbudo in Gaondongrim village in South Goa is located right on the road. This waterfall on the Canacona to Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary route is just one step away as soon as you disembark from your vehicle.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Bamanbudo| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


One can enjoy this watefall just before reaching Bamanbudo.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Bhupar| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


This is a small waterfall located in Rivona. One cannot swim here as it is considered sacred by villagers.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Rivona| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Also known as twin waterfall, this one is located very close to the road and can be seen while on the way to the picturesque Siddhanath hill in Borim, around 7 kilometres from Ponda.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Siddhanath| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


In the monsoon season, Chorla Ghat offers nature lovers myriads of seasonal waterfalls. One has to only remember to park one's vehicle carefully so as not to hinder traffic on this busy section of the highway that leads to Belgaum in Karnataka.

Goa|Monsoon|Waterfalls|Chorla Ghat| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

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