Try out some of these best coffee hangouts in Margao

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Whether it’s the quality of coffee or the character of the place, you’re going to love hanging out at these cafes in and around Margao:


Great pastries and savoury food, combined with a laid back atmosphere, and outdoor seating as well, quickly made this place very popular with the leisure-lunch crowd.

Goa|Margao|Coffee connect|Ceskaz | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


This eatery has been serving coffee, snacks and affordably priced food items to locals and expats since 1950. It is a landmark establishment set in the corner of an Art Deco building.

Goa|Margao|Cup of happiness|Longuinhos | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


This blue and yellow hued café is tucked inside one of the by-lanes on the periphery of Margao and serves thick, creamy coffee. It’s also become very popular with the breakfast crowd.

Goa|Margao|Rise & sip|O Abraco | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


The lime-green façade and elegant interiors will make you think you’re in Paris itself, while you sip your coffee with your gelato and think about ordering that second slice of cake.

Goa|Margao|Perfect blend|Patisserie Victoria | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


One of the latest arrivals to the Margao café scene, this Goan-owned chain has quickly become popular with the coffee crowd, offering a broad selection of roasts to choose from.

Goa|Margao|Taste of goodness|Caravela | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


With funky interiors and a well-stocked bar, this coffee hang-out gets busy in the evenings with the younger crowd. It also serves great burgers.

Goa|Margao|Bold brews|Cherry Tomato | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


This is a Goan institution that serves truly affordable Goan snacks as well as coffee. Order from a variety of patties, sannas, or even Goan sweets like doce, pinagre, dodol, bolinas, gons or bebinca. It’s tiny inside but full of character.

Goa|Margao|Bean power|Dom Pedro | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


There’s a deceptively large, versatile space in the floor above with a few nooks for clandestine meetings, a let's-chill-on-the-couch party space, as well as work benches for quick professional coffee meetings.

Goa|Margao|Sip by sip|Brewbakes | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


If you’re looking for a quick coffee break to rest your feet before continuing with your retail therapy, try out this spacious place that serves a large selection of thick milkshakes as well as coffee, and a variety of lunch-time snacks.

Goa|Margao|Your first sip|The Temptation | Photo: Jessica Faleiro


Located in the bustle of the city, the top floor of this quiet, green haven has a large menu that includes filter coffee in three flavours: Plain, Vanilla and Cinnamon.

Goa|Margao|Coffee greatness|Nanbai | Photo: Jessica Faleiro

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