When in Old Goa, marvel at these heritage churches

Abigail Crasto


As you walk through Old Goa, the former capital city of the state, you can't help but feel transported to a different era. Located just a few kilometers from Panjim city, this land with its heritage structures has managed to preserve its old-world charm.

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When in Old Goa, it's impossible not to notice the magnificent churches that stand tall with their intricate and elaborate architectural works, telling tales of a rich historical past.

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To help you get a sense of Goa's rich past, the Church of St Francis of Assisi, with its mesmerising interiors, is one of the must-visit churches. It's located right near the architectural museum and is definitely worth a visit.

Goa| Old Goa| Church and Convent of St Francis of Assisi |


This 16th century monument has been recognised as a UNESCO heritage site. And it's not just the grandeur that makes it special - as you walk into the Se Cathedral Church, you'll be overwhelmed by the sanctity that the place holds.

Goa | Old Goa| Se Cathedral| UNESCO | Heritage site| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


If you pay attention, you'll notice that among the churches in Old Goa, the Church of St Cajetan stands out. It is built in the Corinthian style and features a large hemispheric dome that replicates the design of the Basilica of St Peter in Rome.

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This chapel dedicated to St Catherine of Alexandria is believed to be one of the oldest. Although, it's opened on rare occasions, the structure is protected and listed as a UNESCO heritage monument.

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