Witness the gracefulness of Pencak Silat

Dhiraj Harmalkar

There are hundreds of Silat practitioners from across India participating in the Pencak Silat championship held at the Navelim stadium.

Goa|sports|Pencak Silat|Navelim | All pics: Dhiraj Harmalkar

Pencak Silat practitioner wearing chest guard before a match.


Bandage tapes are wrapped around the feet to avoid sports injuries to the player during a Silat match.


A Silat practitioner trying to execute a takedown during a match.


A Pencak Silat practitioner using a grappling technique during a match.


A judge closely watching the match to register points.


A match referee declaring the winner of the match.


After the match, stretching to relax the body is an essential component of martial arts.


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