World Picnic Day: When summer holidays were all about picnics for Goans

Venita Gomes

On World Picnic Day, let's go back to the good old days in Goa, when people longed for summer holidays, just to go on endless picnics.
Some of the favourite spots to have family picnics were the pristine beaches, springs, waterfalls, parks, etc.
Many families would take their picnic food along with them, and would wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare it. Others would simply have a fire lit at the venue, and grill fish or barbeque chicken in the great outdoors.
Summers would be hot and bathing in the water at the beach or springs were believed to have great health benefits.
Not only did the children and youngsters go on these outings, but even the elderly would go along, and spend an entire day with family. It was a time of bonding and socializing for the people.

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