You won't find refined flour in these heavenly Goan Christmas sweets

Evelyn Siqueira


Not only do traditional Goan Christmas sweets taste divine, but, what's more is that most of them contain no refined flour, making them gluten-free. For example ...

Goa | Christmas sweets | bolinha | Photo: Ciena Furtado


Chana dal is the main ingredient of doce, and gives the sweet its distinct yellow colour. Coconut and sugar are the other major ingredients.

Goa | Christmas sweets | doce | Photo: Ciena Furtado


Rice flour and coconut milk impart a dense texture to dodol, while palm jaggery gives it a dark brown colour.

Goa | Christmas sweets | dodol | Photo: Ciena Furtado


Semolina, sugar and coconut are the simple ingredients that go into this moist and spongy traditional cake.

Goa | Christmas sweets | batica


Who knew that tender coconut and sugar alone were behind these delicate sweet, white strips?

Goa | Christmas sweets | gons


These sweet rolls are made primarily from rice, jaggery and coconut.

Goa | Christmas sweets | pinagr


While almonds and sugar are the main ingredients of marzipan, almonds are replaced by cashew nuts in Goa.

Goa | Christmas sweets | marzipan | Gomantak Times


Guavas and sugar form the basic contents of perada, a guava cheese, a delicacy made from guavas – a fruit which is easily available in Goa.

Goa | Christmas sweets | perada | guava

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