Art of Living programmes for life change

Gomantak times
Thursday, 5 March 2020

Seated from (L to R) are Bhavana Soni, Adv Neela Navelkar, Sunil Gankule, Santosh Ghodge, Rajkumar Kamat, Neeru Singh, and Archana Jha.

PANAJI: The Art of Living Organisation are regularly conducting various art of living programmes in Goa both from locally trained teachers from ashram.

Speaking to media person on Tuesday at Panaji, advocate and coordinator of Art and living bureau of communication Neela Navelkar said that the Art of Living Organisation was established and founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in 1981. The Art of Living is the volunteer-based humanitarian Non-Government organisation (NGO) which works on human value change, stress elimination and self-development programmes. The Art of Living had been running its organisation in 156 countries around the world.

Navelkar said that the organisation is mainly working for humanist on calmness because until the human will not eliminate its stress we cannot get a non-violence society and that is what our organisation is working through various programmes. “One of the programmes is happiness programme which is also working in other countries which helps to dissolve stress and negative emotions, calm the mind and uplifting of energy," she said.

Navelkar added that yet the government had declared the yoga divas in recent years but the Art of Living had spread the importance of yog much before 25 years back all over the world. The foundation inspires many people by motivating them to lead a stress-free, depression free and healthy life. “The organisation has designed special courses which include asanas, breathing techniques, pranayama and intensive meditation. The foundation has positively transformed many millions of lives,” she said.

“The organisation also helps in providing free education for the poor children’s, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, campaigns against female foeticide, child labour, environment sustainability and river rejuvenation," Navelkar added.

Rajkumar Kamat, a businessman stated that if the children are exposed to this courses it will help them to brighter their future and generation will get evolve to next level which will help India to take at the higher level. Under the various courses ultimately it has one important aspect that transformation of an individual and through individual the society gets transformed so social transformation is the vision of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. So under this vision, the various courses are been designed for Kids, college students, common persons as well as for institution.

Kamat also added that the organisation in the year 2019 had conducted 163 programmes benefiting 2020 participants and in this 2020 year from January till now the Art and living have conducted 24 programmes benefiting 408 participants.
The organisation has planned to conduct 240 courses and aims to cover around 4800 participants.

There are 68 highly trained faculties of Goa, conducting the programmes and they are as follows: For Kids- Utkarsha Yoga, Medha Yoga level, Sri Sri yoga for Kids, For teens- YES!, Stress-free exams, Sri Sri yoga level one, Higher courses for Kids and teens, Prajna yoga, PY special needs-deaf student, For parents- Know your child, know your teen, General courses- Sri Sri yoga level one, wellness programme, Happiness programme, Sahaj samadhi meditation, de-addiction programme, prison smart, natural farming, for higher-level courses- advance meditation course, Dynamism for self and nation, Volunteers training programme, For corporate courses- Yoga for Corporate, wellness programme and tapping your inner potential for success.

Bhavana Soni, Institution process teacher, Apex member and agriculture teacher, Sunil Gankule, Goa State teacher’s coordinator, Santosh Ghodge, ex-IAS officer and principal and director, institution programme, Neeru Singh and Archana Jha, national agricultural teacher were also present at the press conference.

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