In Goa only for a day but don’t want to skip working out?

Try the traveller’s workout packages at Kaizen, a wellness space in Goa
THE KAIZEN WAY: Kaizen is home to yoga, dancing, sound healing and more.
THE KAIZEN WAY: Kaizen is home to yoga, dancing, sound healing and more. Photo: Kaizen Goa

‘Consistency is key,’ is a phrase that is always on repeat inside the mind of fitness enthusiast. And, rightly enough, it is only once you exercise your mind, that your body will follow.

Travelling is one of the finer joys of life, and it is often said that once you set foot out the door and set out on a new travel adventure, you will never return home as the same person you were when you left.

THE KAIZEN WAY: Kaizen is home to yoga, dancing, sound healing and more.
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While travel may change you, it certainly does not have to change your workout routine. And, lucky for you, travelling to Goa comes along with a traveller’s workout package at Kaizen, a wellness centre in Miramar.

Founded by Prerna Khetrapal from Delhi, Kaizen is a wellness space in Miramar that caters to all the aspects of wellness that you will need to boost your well-being and make you look and feel as good as new.

Offering yoga, Pilates, strength training, movement dance, functional training and boxing classes, as the name speaks for itself, Kaizen believes in the philosophy of continuous improvement to becoming one percent better everyday.

While yoga covers Ashtanga Yoga and breathwork, dancing is available in contemporary, jazz, acrobatics and hip hop.

As for the kids, Kaizen kids offers a bootcamp class, music class, dance class and breathwork yoga. Apart from which, the wellness workshops at Kaizen also offer guided Reiki meditation, sound healing, art therapy, dance movement and music workshop.

Attending to the needs of the clients with medical issues, Pilates at Kaizen is the ideal way to exercise for people dealing with health issues.

With a handful of experienced trainers, Apparatus Pilates, Pilates on MOTR (Movement on the roller), Mat Pilates, Pilates Suspension Method (PSM) are all available in the form of group classes in the mornings and evenings as well as private classes in the afternoons.

As for the traveller's package, it has been curated keeping in mind the people who travel to Goa and are only here for a day or two.

Offering packages ranging from three-day, one week, fifteen days or even a month, Kaizen accommodates all your workout preferences and travel dates and is open to further altering and customising packaged deals, just for you.

Kaizen Café

Every good workout session must be rewarded with an even better meal, and Kaizen Cafe, the vegan, plant based, in-house eatery at Kaizen is your best bet to nourishing your tired body with the nutrients and healthy bites that it needs.

Be it a delicious creamy smoothie or a crunchy salad bowl to snack on, all roads lead to Kaizen, even the ones that you would generally avoid!

All in all, Kaizen positions itself not only as a desirable destination for wellness, not just for those seeking a workout, but also for anyone craving healthy and delicious food options as they explore Goa.

THE KAIZEN WAY: Kaizen is home to yoga, dancing, sound healing and more.
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CONTACT:  +91 89061 34444 / @kaizen_goa on Instagram

TIMINGS: 8 am to 8 pm

WHERE: Ground Floor, Magsons Towers, Miramar

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