Coronavirus: SWR takes precautionary measures

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

SWR, Hubbali chief public relation officer said that in view of the prevailing global situation, the Ministry of has been working in tandem with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and had already issued an advisory to all the railways' zones asking them to take precautions and to remain alert in their respective zones.

MARGAO: The Konkan Railway and the South Western Railway (SWR) has taken precautionary measures to deal with the dreaded coronavirus disease.
For the information of passengers, posters have been displayed at the entrance and at prominent places at all its railway stations about the precautions to be taken due to deadly novel coronavirus.

For the information of passengers, posters have been displayed at prominent places in the railway stations including Vasco da Gama railway station about the precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
The posters graphically display the Dos and Don’t to be observed to protect oneself and others from the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Passengers are requested to frequently wash their hands with sanitiser/soap and water at regular intervals. They are also requested to cover their nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue when coughing/sneezing.

The passengers are also advised to consult the doctor if there is fever, difficulty in breathing, coughing, all being symptoms of coronavirus. The 24x7 helpline number 011-23978046 set up by the Central government has also been prominently displayed for any assistance.

Announcements are being made in the public address system by playing audio clips containing preventive measures to be taken by the public. Video clips issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are also being played in CCTV for the benefit of the public. Educative messages on prevention of the spread of the virus are also being issued via social media.

Covid -19 campaign for health education and awareness programme was started three days by distributing handouts and educative materials with the aim of spreading knowledge of the travelling public. This programme is being conducted every day with the help of railway hospital staff and divisional health officers and MCC health staff.

A cleaning protocol for Covid-19 has been adopted by SWR and at railway stations, areas which come under frequent contact of travelling public/public interface areas such as entrance handrails in coaches, door handles latch, toilet health faucets, water taps etc are being cleaned frequently. Mechanised cleaning is already being adopted at stations and trains on SWR. Fumigation of trains before departure is being done at the pit-lines as per standard protocol. Cleaning has been intensified at catering establishments at Railway stations too.

As a precautionary measure, separate clinics for patients having cough, fever have been formed at the Central Hospital, Hubbali, Railway Hospital, Mysuru and Railway Hospital, Bengaluru. Medical help is also being extended to passengers not feeling well at railway stations, states the press release.

Quarantine wards have been set up as a preparatory measure that can be used for the treatment of patients infected with the virus. On SWR, 229 rooms (706 beds) at seven locations have been identified, sanitised and prepared with quarantine facilities. Out of this, 216 beds have been isolated exclusively for the treatment of suspected coronavirus patients. Isolation wards are established at the Central Hospital, Hubbali and Railway Hospital, Mysuru. The facility can be used for the general public and in case of necessity the State government can also use them.
Items required like masks, gloves, caps, hand-wash sanitisers, aprons etc, to treat suspected cases have been stocked in sufficient quantities.
The SWR has suspended biometric system of attendance being in vogue for marking attendance till further advice.

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Meanwhile, SWR general manager Ajay Kumar has requested travelling public to cooperate with railways by following instructions to protect oneself and others and preventing the spread of the contagious virus. Singh informed that the essence is in the prevention of spreading this virus and basically it is about maintaining personal hygiene. He also requested the public not to panic and help railways to help them so that together they can fight coronavirus.

The Konkan Railway senior public relations officer Baban Ghatge also informed that they were making announcements at the Margao railway station about the precautions to be taken on contagious coronavirus (Covid-19). Announcements are being made in containing preventive measures to be taken.

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