Crime cases in Goa fall by 67% due to COVID-19 lockdown

Shashwat Gupta Ray
Thursday, 7 May 2020

Total 103 FIRs registered in 40-day lockdown against 316 corresponding period last year

PANAJI: Every cloud has a silver lining, it is said. A fine example of this is 67 per cent reduction in Goa’s crime cases this year due to lockdown caused by coronavirus threat.

According to statistics made available by Goa Police, the total FIRs registered by the Police from March 25 to May 4 this year was 103 in comparison to 316 recorded in the corresponding period last year.  In fact, the police registered 662 cases related to Covid.

During the 40-day lockdown period total rape cases registered were only five against 11 during the corresponding period last year. Rioting cases registered was only one against 16 last year, instances of Hurt was 23 during lockdown in comparison 43 in 2019, fatal accidents from March 25-May 4 this year was only two against 18 last year.

“There has been more than three times fall in crime cases during the 40 days of lockdown in comparison to same period last year. For a long duration people were forced to stay indoors. Due to this incidents like neighbour disputes, property disputes, house break-ins, murders, rape, street crime came down drastically,” Inspector General of Police, Goa Jaspal Singh told GT.

Due to the lockdown, even the potential criminals were staying indoors. Moreover there was massive police deployment on the streets to enforce the lockdown.

“Our men and women were maintaining a strict vigil on every nook and corner of Goa. This meant that there was no chance for anyone to do mischief.  There was static deployment, mobile police patrolling was intensified. In fact our accident cases also became almost zero, whereas in normal situation the rate is very high,” IGP Singh said.

While this was a great achievement for the Force, but the top police official cautioned that this situation was created due to an unprecedented development, which does not recur often.

“Such situation will not occur often. These were extraordinary times, which required extra attention. Due to this, we derived personnel from Coastal Police and Crime Branch as well. But in normal situation, police deployment is required for various activities that happen in the State on daily basis,” he said.

However, with people participation, crime rate can still remain under control.

“If people take due precautions, stay indoors after 7pm and don’t venture out of home late at night unless there is an emergency then there is a possibility of lesser crime instances. Police is always there to help the people and ensure safety,” the State IGP added.


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