Fun at Dasya Family Flea

Explore and enjoy the variety of items and programmes at Dasya flea market
Dasya Family Flea - a place for fun and frolic.
Dasya Family Flea - a place for fun and frolic.Pics courtesy: Shevaun Rai Choudhuri

The afternoon faded away silently, but as evening approached, the atmosphere changed. A place is just a piece of land, its community is what makes it what it is. And there is no doubt that the lovely people, their bright smiles and their courteous nature are what make Dasya what it is.

Nestled along the busy inner roads of Porvorim, just a little way from the Panjim-Mapusa road is Dasya Counselling and Retreat Centre. Surrounded by greenery and ample space, it is a perfect fit for hosting workshops, events, exhibitions and more. Recognising the potential that this serene paradise had, Father Gregory, the director of Dasya Counselling and Retreat Centre, started the Dasya market 4 years ago with the concept of a farmer's market.

Initially, this market used to take place only on Sunday mornings for 2 hours wherein farmers have the opportunity to sell their produce. After just 2 rounds, an uninvited guest named Covid-19 decided to give this market a visit, and everything had to come to a halt.

Even after the pandemic had partially ended, the lockdown blues still loomed over Dasya. Finally in 2021, Father Gregory introduced the Dasya Family Flea.

Several vendors made their way to Porvorim to set up shop on little white tables just a few metres apart. You will find almost everything you could ever need here. Right from Christmas decorations, doggy treats, crocheted clothes, homemade cupcakes, local coconuts and even some good ol’ Goan vinegar – Dasya flea market has it all!

The children ran about helping their parents set things up until Simba the labrador, the unofficial mascot of Dasya, charmed most of them by lying flat in the middle of the floor and soon getting some well-deserved belly rubs.

“My whole idea was to make Dasya a place for families to visit along with their children, and have a fun and interactive experience. It is heart-warming to receive positive feedback and hear people say that Dasya has an ambient feel to it. It is moments like these that motivate me to continue,” said Father Gregory.

That’s not all. As the sun went down, spirits were lifted by singer Anika Noronha and her melodious tunes that set a lady dancing as she walked past with a tray of sandwiches in her hand. Games, music, dancing, food and interaction – what better way to end your weekend!

“We grow our own vegetables in our organic garden here at Dasya, and if there is excess, the produce is sold. The idea of organic gardening is to reach out to school kids and various youngsters, and teach them about it, which is just a means to highlight bigger issues such as climate change and the chemical waste in the food that we are eating,” he added.

In case you missed this one, don’t worry! Dasya is all set to have more family flea markets once every month. Vendor or buyer, make sure to check this one out since it is too good to miss!

Tasty treats to keep your sweet tooth satisfied
Tasty treats to keep your sweet tooth satisfiedPic courtesy: Shevaun Rai Choudhuri

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