This Women’s Day, let’s make a wish for…

Not just safety and security, Goan women seek policies for their betterment and empowerment
International Women's Day
International Women's Day Gomantak Times

Have you been asked to make a wish? On International Women's Day, Gomantak Times digital spoke to a few women from Goa to know what is it that they are looking or striving for in life.

As Women’s Day marks the day to reflect solely on women’s fight for gender equality, achievements and challenges they face, let us see what they have in their mind.

International Women's Day
Portraits of ordinary Goan women's extraordinary lives


Goa has always been a place that is not only safe for women, but here they can pledge to embrace all the available opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business. However, there is a need for more women in the Goan digital space participating in tech design and governance. Women can make all the difference. Let us be the change! 

- Cindrella Das, doctor from Porvorim

International Women's Day
Empowering women police force in Goa


May it be a mother, daughter, sister or grandmother, all play an important role in nurturing society. I wish for all policies and programmes to be directed to improve the status of women in today's society. Society in turn should respect women and provide them with safe environment to live in. 

- Sr Antonieta Colaco, Principal of Our Lady of The Green Rosary High School, Dona Paula.

International Women's Day
Pramod Sawant launches Goa Electricity Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 to promote e-vehicles


As per the current situation in Goa, we need to encourage young women (independent from family linked to politics) in the political ecosystem so that they share their ideas to bring about a change. They could also make a mark in the tourism sector. 

- Tiffany Fernandes, Assistant Manager at Tulip Group

International Women's Day
Feel the colourful Holi vibes in Goa


Since Goa does not have any metro services, buses tend to get crowded. Normally, men tend to take advantage of this situation and try to grope us. Many of my friends and myself have faced such situations. If not for the long distance, I would be happy walking rather than entering a crowded bus. The buses overexceed their carrying capacity. The government should either control this or have buses meant only for women. 

- Yashila Lobo, writer from Panjim

International Women's Day
Tradition and heritage: Shigmo in Goa


I personally wish that there should be women-oriented entrepreneurship programmes on small as well as big scale.

- Cynthia Muliyana, teacher from Nirmala

International Women's Day
The next time you are in Goa, stay in a 17th century fort at Tiracol


Women should love and care for themselves, first. The reason being, when you love self, you develop a heart to love and respect others.

-Beatrice D’silva, housewife from Porvorim.

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