Warner Music India join hands with Goa’s Tushar for ‘Chali Jaye’

Composed and sung by Goa's very own Tushar Wader, 'Chali Jaye' is trending!
Tushar Wader video 'Chali Jaye'
Tushar Wader video 'Chali Jaye' Gomantak Times

Musician and composer from Mapusa, Tushar Wader, who has worked with renowned artists like Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal, recently released a music video with Warner Music India, titled Chali Jaye.

On the day of its release, the video garnered over 1 lakh views and is still trending!

Debut singer

Speaking to GT, Wader said, "I have always been a music composer and have done background music, but this is the first video where I have composed and sung the song for the video."

For the music video, Chali Jaye, the music was composed, produced and sung by singer, Tushar Wader. The lyrics are by Shayna. On the Guitar was Sam Haldar, Melroy Furtado on Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals by Pallavi Roy, Mix and Master by Ahan Shah and Jason Quadros on the Keyboard.

A screenshot from a video.
A screenshot from a video.

About the music video

The music video of Chali Jaye is based on how a boy yearns for the love of his life. It is a 'chillhop' track and kind of takes listeners on a different vibe.

"The song revolves around a girl, who leaves the country and goes to another country. The boy and the girl were living together, and then she leaves the country. What the boy goes through after that is what the song is all about ... that, and in the end, she comes back," says Wader.

Tushar Wader video 'Chali Jaye'
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Animation and more

Wader talks about why he used animation for Chali Jaye. Says he, "These days, animation videos are doing quiet well. The lo-fi music goes well with animation videos. And, I wanted to show a full story with lo-fi video, and that is how the whole music video was conceptualized."

The lyrics for the song are by Shanya, while the animation and graphics are by Protap Hazarika, Writwika Nisha Saikia. Calligraphy was by Subham Baruah. The video was released on the Warner Music India platform as well as on all the DSP platforms.

Tushar Wader video 'Chali Jaye'
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Wader learnt music production and was a part of sufi ensemble at the AR Rahman's music institute – KM Music Conservatory, Chennai.

He shares, "Studying at KMMC was not only an uplifting experience, but also helped me establish a solid ground in my musical journey."

After the completion of the course, he worked in Mumbai and gained valuable experience. He has worked with Vishal Shekar, Shaan, Divine and other professional sound engineers like Shantanu Hulikar, Vijay Dayal, Eric Pillay, etc.

Tushar Wader video 'Chali Jaye'
Engineering music that moves emotions

Tushar Wader aspires to capture the world of music with his singing and music compositions. He says, "Everyone liked my voice and I received positive feedback from everyone. Even when the video was out, the kind of comments that came in were motivating, and that shows that I am on the right track," concludes Wader.


Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoAtRQO4md0

Tushar Wader video 'Chali Jaye'
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