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Creative director and author, Clyde D’Souza, talks about his hit podcast, and explains what makes his latest book, 'Susegad - The Goan Art of Contentment' different from other books about Goa
Creative director and author, Clyde D’Souza
Creative director and author, Clyde D’SouzaGomantak Times

Clyde D’Souza, a creative director, who has worked in TV, print and digital media, has also published novels such as Kissing Ass, Ganta College, and Art of Politics. When Penguin Publishers, asked him to write something about Goa, he was motivated to compose a novel titled Susegad - The Goan Art of Contentment. Launched online in 2021, it's rated 4.5 on Amazon and was GQ Best Non Fiction of India.

Bound Original podcast, Susegad Stories with Clyde D'Souza.
Bound Original podcast, Susegad Stories with Clyde D'Souza.


Numerous books have been written about Goa, and I asked how this differed. “Other books are dense, serious reading, mine encompasses casual and easy reading, it’s different, not just about the beaches or about a chill-out holiday destination. I decided to amalgamate the creative aspects of Goa, to project it as a literary, architectural, music and art hub – it’s like a fish thali with many dishes. I made an outline of chapters and chose people in varying professions to throw light on the subjects. It’s my labour of love towards all aspects of Goa and Goan people.” he elucidates.

Susegad” actually means finding a balance with peace and happiness. The book explores the many facets of Goa with chapters on Goenkarponn (being Goan), kaantar (songs), doriya (sea), casa (home) and interviews with prominent Goans like Remo Fernandes, Dr Subodh Kerkar, Cartoonist Alexyz, Marius Fernandes among others. It is peppered with anecdotes and humour, and also features photographs from his collection, traditional Goan recipes (he loves cooking) gleaned from his aunt, with a short fiction story at the end of each chapter.


Clyde was approached by Bound India to start a podcast. “Podcasting is a growing media across the world and in India; it differs from reading a book. This is a one of its kind, and goes beyond the beaches and into what I think we all really love about Goa – its quiet villages, its peoples, its slow life and some of its unique habits and traditions,” he states.

The first session launched on May 5 became #1 on Apple Podcast Travel and India section! Upto May 25, it featured acclaimed author and heritage home expert Heta Pandit, founding member of Goa Heritage Action group, and author of ten books, who gives insight into the Goan house, its Indian and Portuguese architectural influences and the stories behind its unique architectural and social features, and the colourful lives of previous owners in Goa and about the house she lives in.

It also featured publisher and journalist, Fredrick Noronha, founder of Goa 1556, an alternate publishing house that has published 60+ books related to Goa, on environment, development and information technology, edits Konkani for Wikipedia, captures stories of travellers and neo Goans aka ‘the now’ settlers in Goa.

It also featured Vine Costa filmmaker, musician, photographer founder of Get Creative Goa, his film Saxtticho Koddo, who won the best short documentary at Asia Independent Festival, and is creating a community of Goans who are leading the wave of content creation from music to films, painting to photography, and why are creative people moving to Goa.

It also featured Varun Hegde, an engineer who became a travel expert, started an offbeat tours company, Soul Travelling, in 2017 to enable people to experience the ‘real trip to Goa,’ viz picking cashews with villagers, harvesting oysters with local fishermen, relaxing on a ferry across a river or cycling along village roads, how to be a responsible tourist, the must-have afternoon nap and lesser known facts that would blow your mind.

There will be interviews with Victor Hugo Gomes (Goan Creators Community), feni bars (Atish Antonio), poee (Sonia Filinto), creators Insia Lacewalla, and more.

“Honestly, the podcast is one more excuse for me to continue my love for Goa and Goans,” he says.

Produced by Bound India's Tara Khandelwal and Aishwarya Javalgekar; editing and soundtrack by Aditya Arya; artwork by Artisto Designz; it is a platform that helps people grow through stories. Within a few days of the launch, the podcast reached the #1 Spot on the Apple Charts in Travel and India Category, and is available on all podcasting platforms.


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Podcast: Susegad Stories

Creative director and author, Clyde D’Souza
Through the eyes of renowned modernist Indian artist, FN Souza

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