Award-winning artists create eclectic expressions in red in Goa

Sheela Chamariya, Shubhara Das and Viraj Naik are some of the contemporary artists whose work is on display at 'Rhapsody in Red'
Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis
Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis Gomantak Times

Art has served many purposes throughout history, with emotional and cognitive perception of evaluation and visual experiences surfacing as modern art developed. The large formats of the works in the show ‘Rhapsody in Red’ extend a wide choice for art connoisseurs. All the artists are recipients of awards and accolades.

In the first part of this article, we read about a some artists at the exhibition. Here are a few more whose work can be seen at the show.

Prashant Panjiar, who worked as a photojournalist and editor in mainstream media, has a 15”x40” print on archival paper, and invites you to linger for a moment, focusing on the shades of blue of the sky and sea, and additional detailing captured in the seascape.

Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis
‘Rhapsody in Red’, in Goa, is a showcase of contemporary art

Rohit Chawla, a self-taught leading contemporary photographer, specializing in reportage of candid photographs of political dignitaries, visual and performing artists, Bollywood icons among others, breaking social norms has Al hybrid photographs printed on archival canvas, documenting solitary moments of grace and dignity, spanning ecstatic ethnicity.

Sheela Chamariya’s sculptures, in fiberglass in a semi-realistic figuration, capture her adventurous and innovative spirit in recurring themes and symbols, unfolding hidden meanings and metaphysical depths.

Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis
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Sheela Chamariya’s fibreglass sculptures focus on relationships
Sheela Chamariya’s fibreglass sculptures focus on relationshipsGomantak Times

Shubhara Das’ unadulterated narrative quality portrays nature through endless forms in inner dialogues of her mind. Her semi-abstract portraiture in shades of yellow, ocher, dotted with reds, blues, greens narrate dialogues in her mind, about creating a greener, peaceful tomorrow for future generations.

Viraj Naik’s terraBolts, reflect his passion with Greek mythology with a distinct Goan experience. Juxtaposing man and animal figures have dominated his oeuvre. New rudiments, intricate detailing on garments and backgrounds, expressions and elements depicted in terracotta emerge from within philosophical and mystical ideas of the artist. 

Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis
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Subodh Kerkar’s 153 cm x 122 cm sculpture of a laughing boy in fibreglass, steel and child’s bicycle tyre incorporated with a florescent pink bubble on his nose, celebrates the laughter of many children riding bicycles for the first time. Subodh has been engaged in bringing a similar metamorphosis to his creative expression for several decades.

Valay Shende uses non-traditional materials that add an entirely new dimension to the classical idea of sculpture. His multicoloured ‘Teddy Bears’ made with coated stainless steel discs are precise in shape, detailing and form; the colour choice is addressed to something more than just optical effects.

Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis
Glazed stoneware by Thomas Luis Gomantak Times

Sheela Chamariya’s fibreglass sculptures focus on relationships, reinforcing empathy and candour, with sublimate matter merging expressions of her character. A self-taught artist, she has been in the art scenario for over 15 years.

Thomas Louis focuses on creating decorative ceramics. The table sculptures of birds and animal heads go far beyond showpieces in his glazed ceramic stoneware, and underlines his integrity in blend of colours and indigenous art-making.

Aarti Singh, owner of Polka Gallery in Delhi, and curator of the show opines, “’Rhapsody in Red’ was visualized by me as an eclectic show, portraying passion, expressions and emotions through the colour ‘red’.”

'Rhapsody in Red', an exhibition of contemporary art, is on view at the Polka Art Gallery, the Grand Hyatt, Bambolim till May 11, 2023

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