Celebrate love and togetherness at the Goa Pride Festival

Here's all you need to know about the three-day Goa Pride Festival, which will be hosted in the state for the first time
Goa Pride Festival 2022
Goa Pride Festival 2022Gomantak Times

As part of the LGBTQ Pride month, there are various activities that are taking place in June. And for the very first time, the Goa Pride Festival will be held starting from June 24, 2022 till June 26, 2022 at Moustache Goa Luxuria, Anjuna.

The three-day festival is being hosted by Moustache Escapes, which is an LGBTQ-friendly chain of hostels, and the festival will be held at the Moustache Goa Luxuria, Anjuna.

Goa Pride Festival 2022
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What's the Pride all about?

What is interesting is that the festival is a carnival of various activities. And, 21-year-old Pranay Bhowmick, who is also the community manager at Moustache, tell us more about what can be expected at the festival. He says, "We are celebrating love and togetherness. There are many who love to dress up, and so will have a fashion show, while some who love to talk can be part of the open mic, and a lot more."

The purpose is to help people explore and know themselves. "No one here will be questioned about which community they belong to or what is their orientation. People can come here have fun. There is no judgement," he added.

One can freely be part of the three-day Goa Pride Festival, says Bhowmick adding that sessions like 'Chai pe charcha' will be informal sessions.

Goa Pride Festival 2022
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Here's what you will find at the Goa Pride Festival...

Day 1 (Drag'em Down) - The first day of the Goa Pride Festival will have a flash mob and music as part of the opening ceremony.

One can check out the flea market which will be organised on all the three-days, and interestingly, will feature artists and entrepreneurs from the queer community.

There will also be Bachata dance, a gender blender fashion show, drag show, movie night, painting party and treasure hunt at the event.

The movie Vaidya by Sumit Panwar will be featured on June 24, 2022. Also, the Fashion Show will feature Harekrishna Sidhant who is a self-taught fashion designer and is an international pageant coach, fashion stylist, craft enthusiast.

It will also have Krishnarajsinh Chudasama, a designer whose garments are eco-friendly.

Goa Pride Festival 2022
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Day 2 (Queer On The Block) - One can watch the drag show and movie screening of the film My Brother Nikhil by Onir.

Interesting discussions, in a very light-hearted manner, are tabled over 'Chai pe Charcha'. An artist night, fire show, dance, magic show are all packed into day 2 of the festival.

One can simply be part of the interactive games and live music sessions that will be held on second day of the festival.

Day 3 (Let's Get Wet) - It is all about the 'Sundowner Pool Party' that is going to be held on June 26, 2022.

Several other artists and interesting activities are planned for this festival in Goa. Also, flash mobs will be held at various places in the state as part of the pride month.


WHEN: June 24, 2022 to June 26, 2022

WHERE: Moustache Goa Luxuria, Anjuna.

CONTACT: Call/DM - 8929100705 or Instagram/Goa Pride Festival

Goa Pride Festival 2022
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