A variety of Easter eggs are available in Goa at this time of year
A variety of Easter eggs are available in Goa at this time of yearGomantak Times

Flavours of a Goan Easter

While Christmas revellery and feasting is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of festive time in Goa, Easter has its fair share of celebratory food, too.

Midnight masses are common to the celebration of, both, Christmas as well as Easter in Goa. However, the Christmas festivities happen on a grand scale, drawing hordes of tourists to the state annually.

Unlike Christmas, which is always observed on a fixed date, the date
of Easter varies every year, although, it is always on a Sunday.


No celebration is complete without food, and so it is with Easter, too. For Goa’s Catholics, Sanna and Pork Sorpotel are an inseparable part of all festive food. Other items which were generally included in the Easter menu, in the days gone by, were Vodde, Prawn Rissois, Peas Pulao, Chicken Cafreal, Vindalho, a rice preparation (Arroz) and a prawn pie similar to the Apa de Camarao.

Additionally, there were also appetizers such as Forminhas, Sandwiches and Toasties and alcoholic drinks like urrak and wine.

And, could any celebration be complete without sweets? Back in the day, the common sweet eats at Eastertide were the traditional Baath, Pão de Ló (a sweet bread, garnished with almonds etc). Pão de Ló was a modification of Folar da Páscoa (a traditional Portuguese Easter bread, which is still popular in Portugal).
In Portugal, Folar da Páscoa is generally served at breakfast time on Easter morning or as a dessert after Easter dinner.
Easter eggs were unheard of, back then. These days, these traditional sweets have given way to Easter eggs, and even Easter bunnies , which aren’t a part of Goan tradition, but are seen all over Goa at this time of year, in this day and age.

'Folar da Páscoa' is a traditional Portuguese Easter bread
'Folar da Páscoa' is a traditional Portuguese Easter breadPIC COURTESY: zestysouthindiankitchen.com

Although chocolate Easter eggs are the most popular variety in the state, Easter eggs can be found in several other flavours such as marzipan, cashew, sugar, fondant etc, in a host of eye-pleasing designs. Not only are these available in a galaxy of outlets across the state, but they are also made by several home chefs.

If you’re looking for a good old fashioned Easter egg, or something innovative perhaps, here are some options to try:

Chocolate Easter Eggs with Salted Caramel, Hazelnut & Peanut butter

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Easter Simnel Cake

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Potato Bibinca

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Goan Marzipan

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Loaded Easter Eggs

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Marzipan Eggs

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A variety of Easter eggs are available in Goa at this time of year
Recipe: Piping hot Goan 'Pez'

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