Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’
Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’Gomantak Times

Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Panvlam'

With in-laws, romance, greed and a good story, Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr, ‘Panvlam’, has all the makings of a hit show

Despite service in the traffic cell, Francis de Dicarpale has time for his passion. This time around, his tiatr, Panvlam, is a thought-provoking drama urging people to make significant decisions in life. And, the path that one treads in life can bring in ample success or failure, which could lead to destruction. 

Greed is the root cause of every evil, and pride can equally have a fall. But, deep reflection with right decisions in life can help to make your life meaningful and worth living.

A scene from Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’
A scene from Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’Mario Pires


This tiatr is the story of Zuzinho (Pascoal Rodrigues) and his wife, Cynthia (Maria). The couple is blessed with two sons, Lester (Agusto de Calangute) and Victor (Vilban). There’s also an adopted son, Nato (Francisco), in the family.

The eldest son, Lester, is married to Stancia (Celeste), and Victor is in love with Kajal (Meena Goes). Kajal resides with her father (Rons), who is a businessman.

A scene from Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’
A scene from Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’Mario Pires

The two families meet to finalize the marriage of Victor and Kajal. After a good amount of discussion, Kajal’s father comes to the conclusion that his future son-in-law will reside with him and assist in handling his business.

Zuzinho is unhappy with the terms and conditions laid down by the girl’s father, and he refuses them.

Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’
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Misunderstandings in Zuzinho’s family prompts Victor to leave the house.

After tying the knot with Kajal, Victor stays with his father-in-law. Ups and downs follow in both the families. But ultimately, it is rightly said, ‘Hard work leads to success, and pride has a fall.’

Check out the climax when things don’t go well in both the families.


Pascoal Rodrigues and Maria as spouses on stage, and Rons as the guardian in another family have played their roles with gusto and ease. Agusto de Calangute, Vilban, Meena, Francisco and Celeste extend good support to the main cast in their respective characters.

Francis de Dicarpale makes a cameo, but his role as an insane man is outstanding and he plays it with conviction. Taking Alina, Joyel and Agnelo, comedian Sally provides a good dose of laughter pills.

Anthony de Ambajim and Sunny have handled the stage sets and lights respectively.

At the end, when the writer/director does his homework well with regard to his tiatr script and direction, he receives appreciation from the audience. And, that is the greatest satisfaction one can receive after staging every show.

Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’
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Unlike vulgarity in comedy which prevails in some tiatrs, there’s decent and clean comedy to be enjoyed by the audience in the tiatr, Panvlam.

For those who enjoy songs, you have Agusto de Calangute coming on stage for the opening song. There are solos from Rosario de Benaulim, Myron (Jr Selvy), Rons, Tony de Ribandar, Celeste and Pascoal Rodrigues.

Francis de Dicarpale’s latest tiatr is ‘Panvlam’
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Songs by Francisco/Meena, Myron/Tony de Ribandar/Agnelo/Rons have messages for the audience. Among all the songs rendered on stage, one song by Agusto/Rosario de Benaulim/ Tony de Ribandar has been well accepted by the audience and has received applause from tiatr fans.

Macroy on the trumpet and his team – Menino (saxophone), Seban (bass), James (keyboard), Jaison (drums) – have provided the musical score. The keyboardist has also assisted with the background music.

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