Goa tiatr review: Tiatr 'Tumi Zobab Diat'

Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr, 'Tumi Zobab Diat', revolves around a perilous social media relationship
'Tumi Zobab Diat' is Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
'Tumi Zobab Diat' is Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatrGomantak Times

Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr, Tumi Zobab Diat, is another family melodrama from the literary pen of this senior tiatrist. It focuses on relationships built via social media and their dire consequences.

Now, the questions that arise are these: Are those ties reliable or faulty? Should they be encouraged or discouraged in our families?

A scene from 'Tumi Zobab Diat', Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
A scene from 'Tumi Zobab Diat', Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatrMario Pires


The story revolves around two main families, namely Valeny (Dola) and her brother Henry (Maxie Pereira); and Rudolph (Milton), who resides with his father (Menino de Bandar) and uncle Mergulhao (comedian Jesus).

Valeny happens to fall in love with Rudolph via social media, Facebook. Her brother Henry is dead against this kind of relationship as he is aware of Rudolph’s past and loose character.

A scene from 'Tumi Zobab Diat', Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
A scene from 'Tumi Zobab Diat', Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatrMario Pires

But, Valeny is adamant to continue the relationship, and due to opposition from her brother, threatens to even end her life. By hook or by crook, Valeny decides to tie the knot with Henry.

As Valeny enters her husband’s residence, she receives good treatment from her father-in-law. However, continuous phone calls from unknown persons and strange behaviour from her husband upsets her. She begins to doubt Rudolph’s fidelity towards her.

Enough is enough, Valeny finally decides to find out the truth about her husband. She visits Henry’s office to update herself about the proceedings there.

'Tumi Zobab Diat' is Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
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Henry gets caught red-handed by his faithful wife. His involvement with another woman Delina (Delina) leaves Valeny heartbroken and depressed.

Now, will this couple’s relationship continue or break up for good? Through mutual understanding, will it last or will it hit the rocks? Who tries to intervene in order to bring peace and harmony in the family? What is the outcome when the new guest comes into the family?


The commercial artistes on stage have given fine performances. Each of them has played their respective roles with gusto. Dola and Milton are seen in the lead roles, but the latter tends to raise his voice on stage.

Maxie, Menino de Bandar, Jesus, Jennifer and Delina extend support to the main characters.

'Tumi Zobab Diat' is Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
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As Skyla, Jennifer looks pretty comfortable in her character in the second half. Delina makes her appearance for the first time in Menino de Bandar’s tiatr and has definitely found a good opening in tiatr. With good efforts put in, she can excel and scale great heights on the tiatr stage.

For a laughter riot, there is comedian John D’Silva, Jesus and Gleny, who come as a comical trio on the stage. They are also supported by Succor de Santa Cruz and Jose. But, despite all the efforts put in by the comedians, they fall short of entertaining the audience.

'Tumi Zobab Diat' is Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
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In the section of songs, Jennifer comes confidently on stage for the opening song. She also renders a solo later. There are some appealing solos from Marcus Vaz, Clint, Aniceto, Succor de Santa Cruz and Jose, too.

There’s also a song about neighbours by Jennifer and Ashbon; and Aniceto and Succor de Santa Cruz, which make good listening. And, one song on the subject of ‘Konkani’, rendered by Aniceto, Jose and Succor de Santa Cruz needs to be noted and deserves applause.

'Tumi Zobab Diat' is Menino de Bandar’s monsoon tiatr
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Among all the songs, a quartet went amiss in the drama. Adrol leads the band offstage with his trumpet and Ashbon (saxophone), Rosario (keyboard), Mariano (bass) and Aniceto (drums) provide good live music.

As usual, the stage sets have been handled by Joseph and Baptist, and the light effects have been shouldered by Sunny.

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