Konkani film review: 'Hasta-La-Vista'

A collection of three stories, fine script and sleek direction is what Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’, produced by Joywin Fernandes, is all about
The Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’, is  Joywin Fernandes' latest production
The Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’, is Joywin Fernandes' latest productionGomantak Times

After the release of 12 Konkani films, the last being Fotting No. 1, Joywin Fernandes has come up with his 13th production Hasta-La-Vista and directly released it on YouTube.     

The film, running for about 65 minutes, carries three stories running simultaneously. All three stories are not inter-related and run on parallel lines.  

Joywin Fernandes' latest production is the Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’
Joywin Fernandes' latest production is the Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


The first story is about Sydney (Brijesh Kakodker), a professional photographer, and his spouse (Keziah Carvalho), a dentist by profession and pursuing further studies. Sydney’s wife is eager to have a child and make the family complete, but the other half is busy with his profession.

Sydney has plans to put up a studio. And, his wife has to face all the talks doing the rounds in the family.   

The second story is about a boy, working for a private company (Elvis Mascarenhas). He happens to meet a girl (Jennifer Fernando) and the proposal follows.

Being an orphan child without a mother, he shares the news of his new love with his father (Pradeep Naik), who is very supportive. But, trouble shoots out when he collects the medical reports from the doctor.

The Konkani film, 'Hasta-La-Vista', has a fine script and sleek direction
The Konkani film, 'Hasta-La-Vista', has a fine script and sleek directionPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

The third tale is about a married couple (Vishal and Meena), and the strained relationship that prevails. An extra-marital affair spoils the whole show. On the sly, the husband is in love with another girl (Scully D’Souza) and in the bargain, the wife becomes an object of humiliation.

What follows next in all the three stories is worth watching in the film. The stories carry the love element, but move in different directions. However, each of the stories carry a different message to the viewers.


Hasta-La-Vista, released on YouTube, definitely has a fine script and sleek direction. The lead artistes, roped in by the director, have played their respective roles to perfection. As all the stories move on a serious note, there’s no comedy interwoven in the film. But, the tense flashes will definitely keep you glued to your seat till the end.

Noted actor of the Konkani stage, Pradeep Naik, and Dr Hubert Gomes, a dentist by profession, have acted as guardians to Elvis Mascarenhas and Keziah Carvalho respectively. Both of them have supported the main cast.

The Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’, is  Joywin Fernandes' latest production
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Other supporting artistes include Kerryann Valerie Albuquerque, Dr Arnisha Travasso, Dr Tarika Raikar, Sydney Fernandes, Dattesh Priolkar, Melba Menezes, Denifa Dias, Claudina Fernandes, Johnny de Candolim and Aden Fernandes.

In the cute cameos, there’s Snaden Fernandes and Zeeyan Fernandes.  

There are only two songs in the film, with Cielda Pereira and Elick Vaz as playback singers, and they have been mastered and mixed by Alfin Fernandes and recorded at Veltuned Studio, Benaulim.

The Konkani film ‘Hasta-La-Vista’, is  Joywin Fernandes' latest production
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With regards to cinematography, editing and light and sound design, Joywin Fernandes has done an excellent job.

The background score was done at JS Studio, Perseraulim, and the camera assistants include Aliro Safin Rodrigues and Franoy Gomes.

Sharing his rich experience in the making of Konkani films, Joywin Fernandes said that there’s scope for Konkani films today as much as there was during yester years. “The new Konkani films may not get due permission for screening in theatres and may not run to houseful shows,” he added, “but they definitely get good viewership on YouTube. The film, Hasta-La-Vista, crossed 50,000 views in just 17 days!”   

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