Listen to Avers’ Konkani music with a message on social media

If you want to make a difference, you’ll find a way to do it. Avers Pereira, from Sant Estevam, does it by driving home a message through his own songs, and then posting them on YouTube…
Sant Estevam-based Avers Pereira writes and performs songs with a message
Sant Estevam-based Avers Pereira writes and performs songs with a messagePIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Literature, be it in the form of articles, essays, stories or poems, has always been a powerful tool to highlight various issues related to family, society, politics and religion. But, of late, social media, especially YouTube, has emerged as a strong medium, wherein one has the freedom to highlight social issues, including politics and religion.

Sant Estevam-based Avers Pereira, who served abroad for almost 35 years and has now returned to his roots, has been penning songs on various subjects and rendering them to his satisfaction.

In order to create awareness among the masses, especially the Goans, as well the concerned authorities, he has been uploading songs on YouTube, which focus on various sensitive issues plaguing the Goan community.

Avers Pereira on the Konkani stage
Avers Pereira on the Konkani stagePIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Pereira’s recent song Goyche Roste, which is about Goan roads, which have turned into death traps for commuters, highlights the pathetic state of roads, both, in the cities and villages. “Instead of making unnecessary expenditure on unwanted things,” he grieves, “look into what requires immediate attention, and rectify the wrongs.”

Pereira confesses that he has personally witnessed a couple encountering an accident on account of potholes, and thus, he was inspired to pen and render a song on the same subject.

“But, will my song on YouTube open the eyes of the concerned authorities, and will they act swiftly before the worst awaits two and four-wheeler riders?” he queries.


Earlier, Pereira touched upon several issues affecting the Goan community, and through his songs on social media, brought awareness among the people. He has not only highlighted social subjects which require immediate attention, but also issues related to family and religion.

In one of his songs Bhavartan Magxi Tor, Avers has underlined the importance of deep faith in God and has supported it by his own personal experiences. “Deep and unwavering faith can work wonders for you,” he stresses, “and it can also produce fruitful results.”

Sant Estevam-based Avers Pereira writes and performs songs with a message
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In another song on social media, Don’t Waste Food, Pereira brings to light the poverty that’s dominant among several people across the state and nation. “What better way can there be for enlightenment of the ignorant than through songs and music?” he adds.

In order to sustain his family financially, Pereira served in Bahrain for 10 years, and Muscat for another 25 years, and now he wishes to utilize his talents for the service of Goans through tiatr and rendition of songs. When the illegal structure at Old Goa came to light, he immediately composed and uploaded his song Shaina Tuka Goyant Kaim Nam, and it was well received by viewers and listeners.

While priests preach from the pulpit, trying their level best to bring in transformation among the faithful, Avers believes that several songs, rendered on the tiatr stage or uploaded on social media, will definitely have a lasting impact on the minds of spectators and viewers. “The aim of the composers and singers is to highlight the wrong in the society,” he shares. “The decision to act, react and follow up ultimately depends solely on each individual.”

Sant Estevam-based Avers Pereira writes and performs songs with a message
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