Art from used rubber tires.
Art from used rubber tires. Photo: Augusto Rodrigues

MOG: For the love of Goa and art

Subodh Kerkar’s museum is an embodiment of the multifaceted man himself


MOG, the abbreviation for Museum Of Goa means “love” in Konkani, the official language of Goa. It is an emotion that instantly takes over whenever a visit to the museum beckons.

Started in Pilerne, Goa, in 2015, MOG has housed numerous artworks in various forms and showcases the temperament of Dr Subodh Kerkar – the heart and soul of the museum. And, this vibrant soul cannot stop humming to express his upbeat spirit.

 Museum Of Goa captivates from its entrance.
Museum Of Goa captivates from its entrance. Photo: Augusto Rodrigues

The entrance welcomes art lovers with a mix of sculptures and artwork that are minimalistic and well-placed in a space where ease of view is the primary focus. “This is something special because it reflects the ongoing creativity of a great artist,” opines Nivedita, as she sips her tea in the cafeteria of the museum.

Nestled among drab factories at the Pilerne Industrial Estate, every room in MOG celebrates different facets of Subodh Kerkar – his love of himself; love of the waters of Goa; love of the memories left behind by Portugal; and love of children.

The grey room, the first room as one enters the museum, is a room that showcases the paintings of the Kerkars and the artwork in this room is not for sale. The room has paintings of Subodh’s father, his sister and his own and the brush strokes leave the visitor mesmerised, a mix of emotions to grapple with.

The Goan artist Francis Newton Souza made a name for himself the world over and is remembered at the museum through works of art that have been inspired by him. His influence on Subodh is seen in works such as terracotta plates and stone sculptures.

The footfall at MOG is constant with foreigners and Indian tourists being the biggest draw. “We have special guided tours for school and college students on a regular basis,” chips in Deepa Dharma Naik, whose enthusiasm during the tour of the museum is infectious.

Laterite, stone metal powder, magnets, oyster shells and even used plastic water bottles are media artistically used at MOG, and the whole experience awakens the innocence and simplicity in all.

Space for all is the theme of the museum.
Space for all is the theme of the museum. Photo: Augusto Rodrigues

The museum has a marine room, a room that transports one to the times when Portugal ruled. One observes moments in the sea and even the caste lines in Goa displayed with thread.

The Museum of Goa is not static because there is always something new or different happening. It is a place that embraces the heart of elders and allows youngsters to go yonder in the quest for knowledge while entertaining gleeful children.

Children enjoy the cornerstone of the museum.
Children enjoy the cornerstone of the museum. Photo: Augusto Rodrigues


WHERE: Museum of Goa: Pilerne Industrial Estate 

WHEN: Open: 10 am – 6 pm (closed on Monday)

ENTRY: Tickets can be obtained by visiting the website at

CONTACT: +91 772 208 9666 or email

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