‘No War’ posters at beach Carnival in Arambol

Various social themes were highlighted at Arambol Carnival 2022
A man seen holding a poster that read 'No war' 

A man seen holding a poster that read 'No war' 

Gomantak Times

Unhappy with the escalating disputes between Russia and Ukraine, people at the recently held Arambol Carnival were seen holding posters that gave out a strong social message to stop war and make peace.

The posters read 'Make love not war’, ‘No War Russia Ukraine’, etc. These messages were clear reflection of people’s expressions.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>A poster giving out a strong message to stop war&nbsp;</p></div>

A poster giving out a strong message to stop war 

Gomantak Times

The Arambol Carnival is a popular event and sees large participation of foreigners. It is organized by American-actor comedian Zou Zou.

The theme for this year's Arambol Carnival ‘Bee Wise and Stop Pesticides’ was also able to draw attention towards use of pesticides. People were seen dressed as flowers, bees, butterflies, etc.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>A float highlighting the theme&nbsp;<em>‘Bee Wise and Stop Pesticides’</em></p></div>

A float highlighting the theme ‘Bee Wise and Stop Pesticides’

Gomantak Times

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Several foreigners seen attending the Carnival at Arambol.&nbsp;</p></div>

Several foreigners seen attending the Carnival at Arambol. 

Gomantak TImes 

Prior to the festival, the actor-comedian, Zou Zou released a video on Instagram social media handle talking about the purpose behind this year's theme. He said "This Art of Carnival is done to create public awareness on the problems caused by pesticides and other general practices going on around the world.”

Use of pesticides has drastically reduced the number of pollinators like the bees, the butterflies, and the insects. "These pesticides are however poisonous to the bees. We hope to bring to light these problems through our initiative,” concluded Zou Zou.

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