Perception of ‘Boundaries’ in Goa

An interactive installation by Ponda-based sculptor, Sanayvi Naik, is on display at the ongoing ‘Boundaries – an exhibition of works from the Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grants 2022’ at Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, Panjim. The materials used are just as fascinating as the theme.
The artists, Sanayvi Naik
The artists, Sanayvi NaikGomantak Times

At first, these might look like simple monolithic structures spread across the room. But, if you look closely, you will notice that these sculptures resemble something that we see in our daily life, and that is, boundary marker stones.

The work by 'Boundary Marker Stone' by Sanayvi Naik
The work by 'Boundary Marker Stone' by Sanayvi NaikGomantak Times

Why boundary marker stones?

The creator of the interactive sculpture, Sanayvi Naik, says, “I have created stone markers that are commonly used to demarcate boundary lines between two districts or communities. These look like milestones and are used to enclose an area. With the help of papier-mâché, I gave them a concrete-type texture.”

There are a total of eight marker stones. Each represents a different style of how the enclosures are found. Says Naik, “I have shown a boundary stone with metal barbed wire. Barbed wire is commonly used even though people are aware that this can harm the animals, which roam around freely.”

At the same time, he has shown boundary stones bearing cut bottles, representing a ‘king’ from the chess game. Similarly, you can find a stone with a human structure and one with a cross.

Stones bearing cut bottles and barbed wire.
Stones bearing cut bottles and barbed wire. Gomantak Times

The artwork aims to confront the truth behind these symbols of authority. He satirically comments on the socio-political, day–to–day events that happen in his immediate environment.

Naik recalls his childhood, when he along with his friends would run to the hills and go playing around the village. He says, “There were no boundaries or any sort of restrictions at that time; we could freely go on the hills or around the village. And, no one had a problem with that! But now, we see that people and the government have fenced properties and restricted entry to others.”

“Today, land grabbing has become common and there are illegally conversions of land, which is leading to the destruction of the environment, wildlife, etc,” adds Naik.

Concept of issues of land ownership, symbols of control and authority are some of the key areas he intends to touch upon. “My practice is my response to the issues of land and politics in Goa, and its adverse effect on society,” says Naik.

Using papier-mâché

At the exhibition, when you see the monolithic sculptures, you might mistake them for stone. But interestingly, they are made of papier-mâché. “Paper plays an important role when it comes to legal property matters. And, I have tried to symbolically use it as a metaphor to represent memory, evidential documents, and the legality of a land. Thus, paper becomes a legal carrier of history.”

It took the artist, nearly five months to work on this exhibit. Using bits of paper Naik created all the eight marker stones. Besides that, clay and plaster of Paris is also used in this installation.

Goa Open Arts Catalyst Grant 2021

All the projects on display at Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, Panjim, including Sanayvi Naik’s work, are created by the recipients of the Goa Open Arts CATALYST Grant 2021. Each of the artists has delved deep into the concept of ‘Boundaries,’ and using diverse media and presentation, have put forth their individual work.

(The exhibition 'Boundaries' at Sunaparanta Goa Centre For The Arts, Panjim will be open till April 30, 2022. The Artist will also conduct a workshop the details are as follow.)

WORKSHOP: 'Origins' papier-mâché by Sanayvi Naik

DATE: April 21, 2022

TIME: 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM

VENUE: Sunaparanta Goa Centre For The Arts, Altinho-Panjim.


The artists, Sanayvi Naik
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