Rave it up like the sadhus

Did you ever wonder whether sadhus ever chill together? And if they do, what kind of music they listen to? This is what came to Kunaal Gurbaxani’s mind while he was listening to his track Boom Shankar on loop. He was trying to figure out a concept for its video and boom!
Rave it up like the sadhus

“When I was making the track, the whole thing flowed and came to a finishing point. It occurred to me that this is a track that a group of close friends, sadhus from Rishikesh, would listen to if they were chilling together. It was a bare concept and the video takes off from there,” says Gurbax. The entire video was shot in two days under the talented direction of Jason Melanus. It released online on January 6. The sadhus The video features a group of three sadhus, one of them is the king called Boom Shankar. His two friends come to pick him up and they head out to a party they’ve been invited to.  “The track has a mysterious vibe to it, which is visually represented by the sadhus. In the video, I’ve invited them to my party. Boom Shankar is this fire-breathing sadhu who is the life of the party, in fact, I’ll say he brings the party with him. I wanted to take all the qualities from the track and personify it in Boom Shankar,” says Gurbax, adding, “It’s also an attempt to address the stigma attached to sadhus.”

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