The century show from Goa’s Roseferns

While writer-director-actor, Roseferns, has made it a habit to create hit ‘tiatrs’, he now has the distinction of touching the 100th tiatr mark
 With his latest tiatr, 'Amche Modem Jiyeta' Roseferns has reached the 100 shows mark
With his latest tiatr, 'Amche Modem Jiyeta' Roseferns has reached the 100 shows markPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Noted for century shows of his productions and parables wrapped in his releases, Roseferns recently released his 100th production, Amche Modem Jiyeta, on August 21, 2022, thus creating a milestone in the history of tiatrs.

The ‘King of Centuries’ and ‘King of Parables’—these prestigious titles were bestowed on Roseferns as several of his productions on the tiatr stage gained momentum. The tiatr audience revered him, equally, for his fine scripts, direction and class enactment on stage.

In the past, many artistes of the Konkani stage might have created history by way of composing songs and renditions, or through releases of cassettes, CDs and DVDs or countless songs on social media. But, the fact of the matter is that nobody has ever dared, or succeeded, in reaching the highest peak with 100 productions on the tiatr stage by way of presenting non-stop and tiatrs.

Roseferns 100th production, 'Amche Modem Jiyeta'
Roseferns 100th production, 'Amche Modem Jiyeta'PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


For his immense contribution towards the tiatr stage and Konkani language, for the inaugural show of the tiatr, Amche Modem Jiyeta, Roseferns was feted by the Konkani Songit Somajik Kala Kendr, Taleigao, with the ‘Jack Sequeira Tiatrist Award’, a shawl and a memento. Present on the occasion were the president of the centre, Santan Viegas, and secretary, Peter Figueiredo.

In the field of tiatrs, Roseferns journey began way back in 1972 when he scripted his first tiatr, Bolidan, on November 29. Next followed his non-stop tiatr, Dileli Bhas, in 1974 and tiatrs, Nimnni Chitt in 1975; Morto Munis Hanslo in 1976; Avaz in 1977; and Aroma in 1979.

‘Roseferns Dramatic Troupe’ came into existence in 1980 and under that banner, Roseferns released his non-stop tiatr, Thapott, which was later presented in the form of a tiatr and it celebrated a double century.

Other productions that followed from his mighty pen were Uzo and Dev vo Devchar (1981), Akant (1982), Ghantt and Arso (1983), Baulem and Xezari (1984), Gorib and Bebdo (1985), Maim, Pai Ani Bhurgim and Mog Ani Bhirant (1986), Tuttlele Dhage and Dhovo Kavllo (1987), Girann and Jem Tujem Tem Mhojem (1988).

From 2003 onwards, Roseferns decided to come out with 3 productions annually, and they included Tallni, Maim Tuzo Put Hanv and Zoim Mog Asta. In 2005, again he came with three tiatrs, namely, Gorv, Goemkar and Dhoni.

Roseferns being felicitated on reaching the century-shows mark
Roseferns being felicitated on reaching the century-shows mark

Roseferns revealed that two of his productions, Maim Tuzo Put Hanv in 2003 and Goemkar in 2005 had a revolving stage and a sliding stage. After two productions per annum, in 2006, he again rose up with three productions, which included Hem Amchem Goem?, Tumchea Moga Pasot and Amchim Bhurgim Amcho Fuddar?

In 2011, Roseferns productions included Pager, Fuge and Osoi Ek Dis Yetolo, followed by Rag Veta, Dhag Vochonam, Voir Marlolo Fator and Waiter in 2012.

In 2013, his productions were Ixttagot, Que Sera Sera and Yes, My Lord!

In 2014, the king of centuries staged Chear Dis Sonvsarantle, Undir Mhojea Mama and Hem Tumchem Sarkem Nhoi, followed by Mog Asum Di, Undir Mogan Poddla and Tuzoi Dis Yetolo in 2015.

In 2016 and 2017, there were three productions All the Best, Mhozo Suskar Tum! and Mhakach Kiteak? followed by Devan Ghoddlolem, Pavsa Pavsa Yo Re Yo and Tumcho Upkari Hanv! respectively.

In 2018-19, Roseferns released Podvedar, Devak Zai Zalear and Gorantti, followed by Eke Avoicho Anvddo, Tempa Pormonnem and Its My Life respectively.

In 2021, Roseferns came with his productions Vag Ani Sunnem and Atam Yeyat, followed by Jevnnant Fator in April, 2022.

“All my achievements on the tiatr stage are blessings from God,” shares Roseferns and he attributes every success to the Almighty. “The creation of me on this earth is God’s gift to me,” adding, “and now, all my productions on stage, with the help of God, are my gifts to my Creator.”

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