Tiatr Review: 'Bharadik Khuris'

'Bharadik Khuris' is Prince Jacob’s 71st production, and is a modern-day tale of elderly parents, who are shunted off to a home for the aged by their own children
'Bharadik Khuris' is Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr
'Bharadik Khuris' is Prince Jacob’s latest tiatrGomantak Times

In some families, aged parents turn out to be a heavy cross to their children. And, at that juncture, the children prefer to put them in a home for the aged, while the children enjoy a care-free life with their spouses and family.

Prince Jacob’s 71st production, Bharadik Khuris, focuses on two families. On one hand, there’s Santan who sells her flat in Mumbai and returns to Goa with the hope of enjoying her days with her only son and daughter-in-law.

But, cruelty strikes and Santan finds herself in a home for the aged. She is taken care of by one ‘Pinto’, who is the manager of the ashram.

Prince Jacob’s 71st production is 'Bharadik Khuris'
Prince Jacob’s 71st production is 'Bharadik Khuris'PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

On the other hand, there is Myron and his spouse, Sophia, who are living a luxurious life in a newly-built bungalow. But, since Myron’s ailing father, Bernard, is also putting up under the same roof, he becomes a tumbling block for Sophia.

Due to his prolonged illness, Sophia cannot put up with her father-in-law. And, she tries to find silly excuses to get him out of the house.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Bernard himself too tries to move out of the bungalow and finds shelter in the same aged home, where Santan is putting up. Without their aged parents in their company, will the two couples find peace of mind? Will they be able to sail the boat of their married life independently?

A scene from Prince Jacob’s tiatr 'Bharadik Khuris'
A scene from Prince Jacob’s tiatr 'Bharadik Khuris'PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


Watch this winter season’s tiatr, Bharadik Khuris, to find answers to various queries. Apart from the seriousness in the drama, the viewers can also enjoy some magical stunts coming from the director as he comes decked up as a magician (Jadugar Tata).

More than the elders, the children will simply enjoy the magic performed on stage, and it is a treat to the eyes. Hats off to the director for trying some innovative ideas on the tiatr stage.

To make the magical environment successful on stage, Alwyn and Evola, the co-artistes of Prince Jacob, assist him till the very end.

As couples, Eddie and Valency, and Baptist and Briscila have played their respective characters to perfection. As aged and ailing parents, Jacinto Gracias and Sonia (the new artiste in Prince Jacob’s drama troupe) deserve appreciation.

The main cast is ably supported by Michael Gracias and Avers Pereira as manager and lawyer respectively. There’s also Bony Albin and Agnelo de Dabolim, who make short entries in the aged home, but play their roles to perfection.

'Bharadik Khuris' is Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr
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With regards to songs, Valency renders the opening song and it is accompanied by Biblical scenes (the carrying of the cross to Calvary) as the interlude. There are a couple of solos, duo, duet and trio coming along from Agnelo de Dabolim, Bony Albin, Baptist, Avers Pereira, Evola, Prince Jacob, Briscila and Sonia.

To make the renditions more appealing to the ears, Seby Moares on the trumpet, Menino on the alto saxophone, Sanford on the keyboard, Seban on bass guitar and Jack Pereira on the drums, have provided good live music.

The stage sets are well executed by Kapil Chari and John has handled the light effects diligently, especially during the magical moments on stage.

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