Tiatr Review: Comedian Ambe’s 'Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero'

The latest ‘tiatr’ offering from comedian Ambe is ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’, which revolves around a man, who is driven to the bottle by thoughts of his daughter’s unemployed boyfriend, who's dabbling in the unsavoury world of politics
A scene from comedian Ambe’s latest tiatr ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’,
A scene from comedian Ambe’s latest tiatr ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’,PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

When things go wrong in the political arena, the electorate cannot remain blind, dumb or deaf towards the elected representatives. The people have to voice out their feelings and sentiments for good and better governance.

But sometimes, the electorate fails in their responsibility and consequently, the worst is expected. At that juncture, when things move out of hand, nothing can be done to rectify the wrong, and improve the situation.

Comedian Ambe’s tiatr ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’ may sound like something related to differently-abled people, but it has a different story to relate, with a good dose of suspense till the very end.

And, the director needs to be appreciated as he has remembered all the departed, including the tiatr fraternity, who passed away during the pandemic. As a mark of respect, before the start of every show, he appeals to the audience to stand for one-minute in silence in honour of the deceased.

Comedian Ambe’s latest tiatr ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’ has genourous amounts of humour
Comedian Ambe’s latest tiatr ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’ has genourous amounts of humourPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


The tiatr focuses on the elections and the aftermath. The malpractices carried out during the election period and their consequences are highlighted in the drama.

It is an eye-opener for all those involved with the aspiring candidates, who contest the elections. And, once when their task is accomplished, the genuine supporters are easily dumped into the dustbin.

After 30 years of dedicated service in the Gulf, Peter (Peter Correia), returns to his roots and family. He and his wife, Olfi (Ofelia), reside with their only daughter, Reema (Reema).

But, Reema is involved with a youth, Jeff (Viban), who is unemployed. Thinking about the future of his daughter, Peter resorts to drinking. He often steps into the house fully drunk, thus tarnishing the image of the family.

Instead of seeking a job for himself, Jeff gets entangled into politics. He is a supporter of one of the aspiring candidates, Stephen (Ulhas Tari), who is contesting the forthcoming elections.

Peter knows Stephen and all his gimmicks, and warns Jeff to stay away from him. But, will Jeff heed to his future father-in-law? What are its dire consequences?

As parents to their only daughter, Peter and Ofelia have doled out fine performances. Reema portrays her role as a daughter assertively. Viban extends good support to the main cast, but could deliver more and better with his dialogues and acting skills.

Ulhas Tari, as the aspiring candidate, is apt to his character and delivers well, while Peter de Arambol as PI is impressive in his acts.

For some rib-tickling comedy, comedian Ambe, Riston and Agnelo come together and create a magical trio on stage, and all three carry enough laughter pills under their sleeves.

With regards to renditions on stage, there are a handful of solos, besides other songs by noted singers of the Konkani stage, namely Lawry Travasso, Marcus Vaz, Agusto de Calangute, Reema and Ofelia, Rizton, Agnelo, Peter de Arambol, which are appealing to the ears. To support the singers, there’s a live band offstage with Alex on the soprano, Mariano on the tenor, James on the keyboard, and Macmilan on the drums.

Anthony de Ambajim has handled the stage sets, while Inas has taken care of the lights with diligence.

A scene from comedian Ambe’s latest tiatr ‘Kuddo, Mono vo Bhero’,
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