Tiatr Review: ‘Hanv Goemcho Saiba’

'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' is the latest 'tiatr' from Pascoal de Chicalim, and is all about trust and betrayal, with a dash of comedy thrown in
Tiatr Review: ‘Hanv Goemcho Saiba’
'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' is the latest 'tiatr' from Pascoal de ChicalimGomantak Times

Nobody can be trusted in this world, except God, under the sky. The confidence you lay can turn into betrayal unexpectedly, and the loss created may be irreparable.

Friends and close aides can turn into foes overnight, and you could be lost in the darkness of ignorance. So, every step you take in life should to be taken with astuteness.

There’s a clear cut message conveyed by Pascoal de Chicalim in his tiatr, Hanv Goemcho Saiba: The non-Goans outnumbering Goans, in the tiny state of Goa, could be a threat to the local community in the near future, resulting in only risks.

Watch some fine performances at the tiatr 'Hanv Goemcho Saiba'
Watch some fine performances at the tiatr 'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' Gomantak Times


Jorge (Francis Coelho) takes to the stage as an MLA, winning the full trust and confidence of the people in his constituency. For the various works carried out for the growth of his community, he has maintained a clean and transparent image in society.

Abiding with his wife Catherine (Sucorine) and two daughters, Rachel (Jasmine) and Melisa (Velbe), Jorge carries out his routine tasks diligently. His brother, Armand (Justiano Fernandes), serves in the Indian Army and comes home for a brief holiday.

Umpteen tasks can never be handled successfully unless you employ people, who are trustworthy. Jorge seeks help from Pillai (Pascoal de Chicalim), a non-Goan, and he works as his personal assistant.

'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' is a story of trust and betrayal
'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' is a story of trust and betrayalGomantak Times

But, will Pillai work honestly for his MLA? Will he live up to the clean image of his master? Or, will the PA’s malpractices, over a period of time, equally tarnish the reputation of Jorge?

Check the developments on stage to understand who acts wisely and who is at a loss in the long run. Twists and turns in the tiatr make the viewing interesting.

Francis as the MLA, and Justiano as the military man, have given fine performances. Sucorine, along with Jasmine and Velbe, have extended good support to the main cast. There’s Alister da Costa, son of Arnaldo da Costa, who shows hope for better performances on stage in the near future.

The director of the tiatr, Pascoal de Chicalim has doled out a fine performance as the PA, while Arnaldo da Costa as PI is confident in his act.

'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' is the latest 'tiatr' from Pascoal de Chicalim
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Julius, Jaison, Celeste, Silva de Benaulim and Dunstan hop on stage for some laughter pills. They give their best in comical shoes, and Jr Mini Diego joins in as a dwarf for some lighter moments after the first half.

There’s a unique opening song by Jasmine, Celeste and Velbe. Check them out as they make an entry on stage with something different. Jr Reagan, Velbe, Nazareth, Silva and Rosario de Benaulim provide solos.

There’s another solo by Celeste which is again rendered in a different style. A couple of more songs by Jasmine and Silva de Benaulim, Sucorine and Nazareth and Pascoal, Celeste and Velbe are appealing to the ears.

Musicians, with Roogery and Savil on the trumpet, Ruffi on the saxophone, Clinton on the keyboard, Franco on the bass and Magny on the drums have provided good live music. Youngsters, in the band, show hope for a bright future. Agustine de Sanguem has taken care of the lights on stage, and Anthony de Ambajim has handled the stage sets.

'Hanv Goemcho Saiba' is the latest 'tiatr' from Pascoal de Chicalim
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