Tiatr Review: Menino de Bandar’s ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’

With just a couple of songs and many ‘cantos’, Menino de Bandar’s latest tiatr, ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’, is a tale of adultery, murder, revenge and more, with a dash of laughter thrown in for good measure
Menino de Bandar’s latest tiatr is ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’
Menino de Bandar’s latest tiatr is ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

It is rightly said that umpteen lies cannot hide the truth. So is the case with crime, be it of any nature. Sooner or later, it gets exposed and the criminal behind the crime gets the punishment.

One has to give an account of the lies told and crimes committed. But, the offender often thinks that he/she can escape the claws of righteousness.

A day dawns when everything is unveiled from under the carpet. And, the victim gets justice, while the lawbreaker pays the price.

Unlike other tiatr directors who come out with productions carrying a dozen songs, Menino de Bandar is noted for non-stop tiatrs, which have few songs, but many cantos.

A scene from Menino de Bandar’s non-stop tiatr, Besanv Nam Pesanv
A scene from Menino de Bandar’s non-stop tiatr, Besanv Nam Pesanv PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


Menino de Bandar’s non-stop tiatr, Besanv Nam Pesanv is a family melodrama, revolving around two siblings and their counterparts. It highlights the extra-marital relationship, that prevails in some families, and its consequences.

Iscariot Monteiro (Vilton) is imprisoned for murdering his wife, Sarita. Due to his extra-marital ties with his brother’s (Jose) wife, Romila (Dola), Iscariot kills his wife.

Romila gets her lawyer, Mesquito (Romeo), and frees her brother-in-law. She then gets Iscariot married to her sister Eslinda (Sonia).

Iscariot’s only teen son, Lincoln (Amriz), is given away to Mesquito for adoption. But, the poor boy suffers all sorts of humiliation at the hands of his adopted parents.

Unable to bear the physical and mental torture, Lincoln leaves the house and unites with his grandfather, Lazar (Menino de Bandar). The duo are left together to fend for themselves.

But, Lazar educates his only grandson with the sole desire to see him as a lawyer soon. He also hopes to get justice for his murdered daughter, and the child’s mother.

Lincoln (Maxie) completes his studies successfully and becomes a lawyer. He now decides to fight against his father, Iscariot, and find justice for his departed mother.

'Besanv Nam Pesanv' is the latest non-stop tiatr, from from Menino de Bandar
'Besanv Nam Pesanv' is the latest non-stop tiatr, from from Menino de BandarPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

What follows next is worth the watch in the second half of the drama. Besanv Nam Pesanv has many twists and turns, with some horrifying scenes in the latter part of the show. Superstitions and beliefs are also highlighted in the drama.

Vilton, Dola, Jose, Sonia and Maxie are in the lead roles and they have played their respective characters well. Child artiste, Amriz, wins the hearts of the audience with his dialogues delivered confidently in the first half.

The main cast is supported by Peter Colaco as the police inspector, Jennifer as the ghost and Menino de Bandar as the grandfather.

Menino de Bandar’s latest tiatr is ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’
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In the comedy scenes, which are interwoven in the main play, there’s comedian Humbert, Sandra and Allwyn entertaining with good pills of laughter. Check the ghost scenes in the second half.

As Besanv Nam Pesanv is a non-stop drama, it carries only four songs, namely the opening song by Jennifer, and solos by Peter Colaco, Jose and Menino de Bandar. But, there are a handful of cantos in the scenes, which are pleasing to the ears.

The musicians offstage -- Ashbon (saxophone), Edrol (trumpet), Rosario (keyboard), Anicet (drums) and Mariano (bass) have offered good live music, including the background music. The stage sets have been taken care of by Baptist, and Romeo has shouldered the responsibility of lighting the stage.

Menino de Bandar’s latest tiatr is ‘Besanv Nam Pesanv’
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