Tiatr Review: Roseferns’ ‘Jevnnant Fator’

Roseferns’ latest ‘tiatr’ ‘Jevnnant Fator’ is a family drama, where a meddler makes it his unsolicited business to create confusion and disharmony in a happy family
‘Jevnnant Fator’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Roseferns
‘Jevnnant Fator’ is the latest 'tiatr' from RosefernsPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

When there is no interference from people outside the family, the relationship and bond between family members strengthens and grows. When a third party steps in with a malicious mind, then it can be disastrous to everyone in the family.

The presence of those unwanted in the family could be compared to those minute stones in food. With such stones in the food, there’s always difficulty swallowing and digesting what’s laid in the platter.

And, unless those scrupulous elements are eliminated, you will never enjoy a good meal. Those elements will always be a hindrance, resulting in disharmony and discord in the family.

Some masterful performances at the 'tiatr' 'Jevnnant Fator'
Some masterful performances at the 'tiatr' 'Jevnnant Fator'PIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

Roseferns’ 99th production Jevnnant Fator deals with those handful of components which often destroy the fabric of the family. And, the more you keep them away, the better it is for lasting ties among spouses and the rest of the family members.

Carlos (Roseferns), the head of the family is blessed with two sons. The eldest, Julius (Jaison) is married to Zenobia (Meena Goes), and the younger Chris (Francisco), is yet to make a choice in life.

Chris gets involved with Anjali (Sonia) and his sister-in-law Zenobia steps forward to help him in whichever way she can.

As Julius is employed abroad, Chris has a soft corner for his sister-in-law. Their ties could be related more to siblings than any other. But, Pinja (Jaju), who steps into the family, views everything with malicious eyes, thus creating a divide in the family.

By creating false tales, Pinja thinks he will easily succeed in poisoning Anjali’s mind. But Carlos, who heads the family, is astute and prefers to drive Pinja away. Before things get worse, he explains everything to his daughter-in-law.

But, on Julius’ arrival home, an unexpected mishap occurs and the family heads for disaster. There’s a big tsunami in the family, which results in grief and pain. The peace that once prevailed in the family is lost. What follows next, on stage, in the family is worth the watch.


Noted writer, director and actor, Roseferns’ is known for fine presentations on stage. Experience over the years has only helped to fine-tune his tiatrs and give the best to the audience. Most of his tiatrs revolve around family issues and he brings out the intricacies of family life quite tactfully on stage.

With regards to acts on stage, Roseferns wins over as the head in the family by his imitable style of acting. He always has his own elegance, followed by prompt dialogue delivery. As siblings under one roof, Francisco and Jaison give a fine performance. They are ably assisted by Sonia and Meena as their spouses, respectively.

But, the one who draws everyone’s attention is Jaju, who is an expert when it comes to roles of a villain. There’s no other match for him on stage. And, he delivers every act with gusto. His body language speaks much about him.

Jaju’s involvement with the comedians on stage – Nato, Dorothy and Joel – is an additional feather in his cap. Though a brief role on stage, Michael does justice as the police inspector, while Juvenile, who is new on the Konkani stage among the commercial tiatrists, has played his role with confidence.

Speaking about those tickling the funny bone, the foursome – Joyel, Nato, Dorothy and Juvenile – along with Jaju provide good laughter pills to the audience. They are indeed good, natural entertainers on the tiatr stage.

A quick look at the songs on stage and one will find Jaison rendering with ease the opening song, followed by songs from director, Roseferns, Michael, Dorothy and Meena. There are also songs by Jaju and Michael, Jaison and Francisco.

But, among all the songs, Saby de Divar takes the cake and receives an encore instantly. Another song by Jaju, Saby de Divar, Francisco and Joel is equally entertaining and wins audience appeal for their natural act.

With regards to live music, there’s a female, Jane, on the saxophone blending well with Alloy on the trumpet, Sanford on the keyboard, Ansley on the bass and Ivo on the drums. The band members have provided good music to the singers.

Anthony de Ambajim has shouldered the responsibility of the stage sets, while Tremson takes care of the light effects.

You can watch Roseferns’ tiatr Jevnnant Fator:

WHERE: Pai Hall, Margao

WHEN: May 16, 2022

TIMINGS: 7.30 pm

CONTACT: +91 9822169696

‘Jevnnant Fator’ is the latest 'tiatr' from Roseferns
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