Tiatr Review: ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’

JoseEvon's latest production, ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’, is a tale of tiffs between neighbours, which continues from one generation to the next
‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’ is the latest release from JoseEvon
‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’ is the latest release from JoseEvonGomantak Times

Squabbles among neighbours is a common sight. And, it is more prominent in villages when neighbours reside in close proximity. A small issue is enough for some neighbours to fight, and continue for ages, thus staying divided forever. 

No amount of conviction will help to create unity among the neighbours. And sometimes, intervention by a mediator can result in more fire between the families.

This is the message conveyed by JoseEvon in their new winter release Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki. It is a tale of two neighbors Jaki Anton (Jose) and Carmelin (Evon). They both stay in close proximity, but cannot face each other over several issues.

‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’ is the latest release from JoseEvon
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Jaki Anton has two daughters Suzan (Snella) and Maria (Flexcy), who assists their father through thick and thin. On the other hand, there’s Carmelin, who has two sons, Tony (Stancio) and Johnny (Anif). The latter is deformed in his speech.

Continuous bickering among the neighbours results in commotion among the children. And, all efforts are made by them to pacify their parents. But, the end result is zero.

One fine day, an untoward incident prompts Carmelin to assist Jaki Anton, but he refuses her help. Finally, the sick man is admitted to the hospital, and again, Carmelin comes to her neighbour’s aid.

But, on recovery and back home, Jaki Anton refuses to give up his pride, stubbornness and enmity. What follows next is worth the watch during the second half of the drama.

A scene from ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’, the latest production from JoseEvon
A scene from ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’, the latest production from JoseEvonPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires

There are moments to defuse the tense moments on stage, as a police officer (Oswin), hawaldar (Arnaldo Costa) and a corrupt politician (Tony) shoulder and handle their respective characters tactfully. There’s also a youngster (Alister), who has taken to alcohol, a small-time thief (Melisa) and parish priest (Aston), who make brief entries and entertain the audience.

Various situations during the pandemic have been highlighted in the drama. And, a special mention is also made regards the tiatr fraternity and the manner in which they fended for themselves during Covid-19 by taking up different trades.

A scene from ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’, by JoseEvon
A scene from ‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’, by JoseEvonPIC COURTESY: Mario Pires


JoseEvon have always tried their best to provide good entertainment to the audience, be it through comedy and songs. Their acts on stage may not be high quality, but they know how to keep their fans entertained for three long hours in the auditorium.

In the section of songs, there’s Stancio and Melisa, who step on stage to render the opening song, and the concluding part is worth listening to.

‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’ is the latest release from JoseEvon
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Solos follow from Benny de Aldona, Jr Reagan, Stancio, Melisa, Selwin de Siolim and Aston. There are two duets from Aston and Snella and Jose and Evon. You also get to hear a trio from Tony, Anif and Flexcy. If more commercial singers were roped in, then it would have drawn more crowds.

Ashtruf with his trumpet and his team, which include Ajiton (saxophone), Aaron (keyboard) Trian (bass), Charles (drums), have provided appealing live music. All are new faces in the field of music, but a good effort on their part to prove their musical talent.

Santan, Marcel, Romeo and Pedro have handled the stage sets, while Tremson, who is otherwise seen on the drums set, has handled the light effects, and he did a pretty, good job.

‘Sintidan Paim Ghal Re Jaki’ is the latest release from JoseEvon
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