Tiatr review: Tiatr 'Ho Inam Koslo?'

Discover the family melodrama in Ulhas Tari’s 'Ho Inam Koslo?' with its powerful performances and compelling storyline
'Ho Inam Koslo?' is the latest tiatr from Ulhas Tari.
'Ho Inam Koslo?' is the latest tiatr from Ulhas Tari.Photo: Gomantak Times

After successful shows of his previous four productions, Ulhas Tari’s 5th tiatr, Ho Inam Koslo?, is a family melodrama with good script, sleek direction and powerful presentation.

It throws light on old age and the thought of a second childhood being experienced by the elderly in families is beautifully staged.

'Ho Inam Koslo?' is the latest tiatr from Ulhas Tari.
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Ho Inam Koslo? is a simple story which revolves around Mathew (Ulhas Tari) and his wife Cynthia (Antonette de Maina). They are blessed with two children, Mark (Vilber) and Sheenel (Shenaya).

Mark is married to Samaria (Dolcy), while Sheenel is engaged. There’s George (Satyawant Tari), the brother of Cynthia, who visits the family as and when time permits.

A scene from Ulhas Tari’s tiatr 'Ho Inam Koslo?'
A scene from Ulhas Tari’s tiatr 'Ho Inam Koslo?' Photo: Mario Pires

Sheenel weds Reuben (Francisco) and is welcomed by Mathew and his wife, Cynthia. After Sheenel ties the knot, trusting his blood relatives, Mathew decides to give away his property to his children.

Mark and Sheenel are content after receiving their respective shares. Their spouses also rejoice over the decision.

But, after the initial joy, the world turns upside down for Mathew and Cynthia.

Samaria pinpoints petty mistakes in her aging and frail in-laws. She constantly reports several complaints to her husband. Before things get out of hand, Cynthia advises Mathew that they should step out of the house.

'Ho Inam Koslo?' is the latest tiatr from Ulhas Tari.
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After much hesitation, Mathew agrees, and the aged couple finally decides to go and put up at Reuben’s residence.

As Mathew and Cynthia adjust to the new environment, accusations follow here as well, and when the aged couple cannot stand it any longer, they bid goodbye and seek shelter on the streets.

A performance from Ulhas Tari’s tiatr 'Ho Inam Koslo?'
A performance from Ulhas Tari’s tiatr 'Ho Inam Koslo?' Photo: Mario Pires

What is the fate of Mathew and Cynthia? Will their children repent for their misdeeds and call them back? Will they receive forgiveness for their sins? Watch the second half of the drama to get the answers.


Among the artistes on stage, Ulhas Tari and Antonette de Maina, as aged parents, have given superb performances. They are supported by Shenaya, Vilber, Dolcy and Francisco as siblings and in-laws respectively.

Satyawant Tari, the sibling of Ulhas Tari, makes a brief entry, and is worth watching on stage. There is Johnny de Candolim as Munna, who is quite comfortable making a cameo.

For some laughter pills, comedian Caetano, Rizton and Princey are entertaining and have a good dose of comedy with them. They are ably supported by Rosario de Benaulim, Agusto de Calangute and others.

The comedy scenes at the ENT clinic and ‘Big Boss’ are worth watching.

For the listening pleasure of those who enjoy songs, Francisco renders the opening song. There are solos from Rosario de Benaulim, Agusto de Calangute, Peter de Arambol and Baltazar Pontes.

Songs by Shenaya and Francis de Tuem receive encores. There are also songs by Shenaya and Princey; and Francisco and Shenaya which are appealing.

'Ho Inam Koslo?' is the latest tiatr from Ulhas Tari.
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A group song by several singers is equally entertaining.

Alex and his team of musicians – Yeshlon (trumpet), Alex (saxophone), Arif (keyboard), Tremson (drums) have provided good music offstage. The stage sets are by Anthony de Ambaji, while Fletcher Vas has handled the lights.

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