What is the ‘wish’ of this NGO from Goa?

‘Wish’ is the latest initiative from ARZ, a Goa-based NGO, which is actively working towards the empowerment of victims of sexual abuse
An activity part of the WISH initiative.
An activity part of the WISH initiative. Picture Courtesy: Arz

For many years, Anyay Rahit Zindagi (ARZ) a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Goa has been working towards improving the lives of victims of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual abuse and commercial exploitation in Goa. The NGO, integrated in the government system, has been working towards not only combating trafficking, but also providing support, training, rehabilitation and advocacy to victims of such crimes.

Since its inception, in the year 1997, the organization has been working as an intervention in the areas of crime involving victims of human trafficking, and at the same time, perpetrators who are vulnerable to both. Arz also extends its services to some districts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal and countries like Nepal and Bangladesh.

Arz recently started the WISH (Women Initiative for Self Help) initiative to help and support the livelihoods of those who are socially and economically backward in Goa. The initiative aimed to bring about ways through which these women could be self-sufficient, independent and also earn a living for themselves.

Director of Arz, Arunendra Pandey says that financial support for the economically marginalized and stigmatized individuals is very important. He adds, “Under the WISH initiative, we have various initiatives like laundry, paper production (toilet roll and tissue paper), embroidery, stitching, etc. We also stitch cloth bags which people can purchase.”

Some of the activities are already in full swing, while others are expected to start in the coming weeks.

Arz has launched screen-printing activities under this initiative. “We have trained our girls in screen printing. Whoever wants to give bulk orders for screen printing, can contact us. This will be an opportunity for these women to earn a living.”

All the proceeds of these activities will go directly to the women involved with the work. “What we want is that there should be wider public participation. Projects like these can only survive if people come forward and contribute towards them,” he adds.

There are 11 to 12 women working in the paper production section, 8 in the stitching section, while the embroidery section has 15 girls and the screen printing division has 4 to 5 girls.



Contact: 919850962390 / wishgoa@gmail.com

An activity part of the WISH initiative.
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