4 cuisines to try in Goa without having to visit their homeland

This Easter why not go on a culinary escape to these restaurants in Goa?
Cuisines loved by all!
Cuisines loved by all!Gomantak Times

Goa, the land of sun, sand, sea and of course - amazing food! While Goans will undoubtedly stand by their favourite Xitt, Kodi ani Nustem, until death do them part, nobody said that you have to.

As a Goan, it is safe to say that ‘Goan Chinese’ is real, and it probably tastes nothing like the food you will eat in China. But hey, it’s what we have been eating since our childhood and we wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Cuisines loved by all!
You had me at 'Bars to visit in Goa'

Blessed with culinary choices and variations like no other, what are we if not a fusion of everyone and everything that we have seen and learnt along the way of life?

While Punjab, Kerala and Mexico cannot come and savour the different adaptations of its cuisine in different parts of the world, you certainly can – especially right here in Goa. While travelling is always an awesome idea, let us shake things up a little and take our taste buds on a gastronomical trip around Goa.

Punjabi Cuisine

Kudiye, if Punjabi cuisine in Goa is what you are craving for, then say no more! Head to Urban Turban in Porvorim to relish some of the best Punjabi cuisine and more.

Be it mouth-watering Daal Shorba, Kebabs or just some good ol’ Lassi, Urban Turban has got your back. The cherry on the top is the fact that they are open till 5 am, everyday! That means that your midnight cravings just got a list of better options. Who would've thought that Rabdi and Murgh Patiala could be midnight snacks?

South Indian Cuisine 

It is globally known that the picturesque South Indian region of India has some of the best food out there! Idli, Wada, Upma, Dosa, you name it, everybody has a South Indian favourite.

Mallu Republic is a restaurant in Panjim that serves some of the best authentic South Indian cuisine. With options that some of us may never have even heard of such as Kerala Style Fish Thali, Egg Appam, and more, if you are looking for a flavourful meal, don't miss out on this wonderful cuisine.

Be it breakfast, lunch, an evening snack or dinner, you know you are always vanakkum.

Japanese Cuisine

While anime series has occupied a special place in many hearts and extra GB of storage on many laptops, please tell me that I am not the only one who feels that the animated food on screen is so mouthwatering and makes you want to run to the nearest Japanese restaurant.

Situated in Vagator, Sakana is the perfect place to satisfy your Japanese cravings while unwinding at the end of a busy day. With Sushi Rolls, Miso Soup and Teriyaki Chicken on the menu, what's stopping you from having a Japanese feast and celebrating this cuisine when in Goa? 

Mexican cuisine

We understand that Mexico is a long way from here, but who said that its cuisine has to be? Frida Cantina in Miramar is the quick solution to your Mexican cravings when in Goa.

Located within close range of the famous Miramar beach, this restaurant serves all things Mexican! Be it the authenticity of the Mexican cuisine or the aesthetic ambience of the restaurant, Frida Cantina is the place to be! With a menu that consists of Tacos, Churros and the classic Guacamole, and Salsa, this restaurant is your culinary escape to Mexico!

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