Where can you find Parsi cuisine in Goa?

Anisa Nariman, who landed on the sunny shores of Goa four years ago, whips up some mean Parsi cuisine, and has it delivered right to the customer’s doorstep.
Fish Mollie (left) and Pork vindaloo (right) by Anisa Nariman
Fish Mollie (left) and Pork vindaloo (right) by Anisa NarimanGomantak Times

Goa is renowned for restaurants serving international cuisines, and a few even have a Parsi dish on the menu. Those who have tasted the fare rave about it. If you’re among those who haven’t, Anisa Nariman offers delectable fare, delivered right to your doorstep.

Growing up in New Delhi and Singapore, she obtained a Bachelor of Administration degree, with a focus on Hospitality & Tourism. She got an opportunity to work at Bomra's, and then at O Pedro, in Mumbai. Finding the bustle of city life unsuitable, she decided to relocate to Goa four years ago. She now lives in Mandrem, surrounded by nature, and indulges in her zeal, which is cooking.

Dhansak Dal and Caramelized Rice by Anisa Nariman
Dhansak Dal and Caramelized Rice by Anisa NarimanGomantak Times

“My love for cooking developed from my father, an excellent cook. Thanks to him, I’ve been interested in cooking since I was probably 7 or 8-years-old. It’s a gift I cherish deeply, for it has given me something to be proud of; it's a sort of safety net. I know that if all else fails, I can always cook!” says Anisa.

“I chose to make Parsi food because it isn't available here, and I follow recipes handed down from my great grandmother. The cuisine definitely leans on a non-vegetarian diet -- lots of mutton and seafood. Several dishes stand on the tripod of tikhu-khattu-meethu (spicy, sour, sweet). There’s only one family in India, in Navsari (Gujarat), ‘Kohla’, who make this vinegar (from molasses) that we cannot do without.


A Parsi menu isn’t complete without Mutton Dhansak (a blend of lentils and several vegetables, seasoned with special masalas), eaten with Caramelised Rice and Kachumber (onion, green chillies, seeped in vinegar). Veg dhansak is made with jackfruit.

Check out some of the signature dishes that Anisa makes.

Prawn Patio: Tangy, spicy, sweet in taste, paired with plain rice and dal, garnished with crisp golden fried onion, garlic and jeera, sautéed in ghee.

Prawn Kebabs: An irresistible combination of fresh herbs, green chillies, crumb fried to perfection.

Fish/Veg Moilee: A green curry, originally from Kerala, with a twist, using fresh coriander, and mild spices. Adding coconut milk gives a silky finish.

Parsi Pork Vindaloo: This differs from the Goan version. Copra (dry coconut), fresh coriander and spices are ground to a paste, then added to golden brown fried onions. The pork is browned in the masala, and a generous dash of sugar and vinegar added. The gravy is thick in consistency, while the vinegar imparts a unique taste. “It does not make it to the menu unless it's 100% delicious,” Anisa affirms.

Though desserts are not listed on the menu, the fare is rounded up with puddings and custards, fragrant with rose, cardamom, vanilla essence, laden with nuts, and made only on order.

Apart from a few masalas and vinegar, Anisa uses freshly ground ingredients, procured locally. On an average, 80% are regular customers, 20% new customers, the majority being non-Parsis, for whom this food is more of a novelty. She personally cooks everything, changing the menu fortnightly, so that neither the customers, nor she, get bored of it! Introducing Mexican, Peruvian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern cuisines, are on the anvil.

Orders are delivered every Sunday, so place your orders by Saturday.

WHERE: Wilder Feasts

MUST TRY: Pork Vindaloo (₹ 650), Prawn Kebab (₹ 550), Prawn Patio (₹ 550), Fish Moilee (₹ 600), Veg Moillee (₹ 450)

CONTACT: +91 7703934380 (Instagram @wilder.feasts)

Fish Mollie (left) and Pork vindaloo (right) by Anisa Nariman
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