In the mood for marvellous ‘mezze’?

If Middle Eastern ‘mezze’ makes you go weak at the knees, don’t miss ‘Wala Atyab’ in Siolim, with its kebabs, koftas, breads, dips, barbecue and more.
Savour veg and non-veg 'mezze' at ‘Wala Atyab’, in Siolim
Savour veg and non-veg 'mezze' at ‘Wala Atyab’, in SiolimGomantak Times

Goa has some of the finest cuisine in the world. And, we aren’t referring only to Goan food! From Japanese to Russian to Armenian, dishes from several parts of the world can be savoured in Goa, too. One of the world’s most-loved cuisines is Middle Eastern, and it’s available in Goa, as well.

To savour the flavours of Lebanon, Amir Alkai, presents Wala Atyab on Saturday, April 23, 2022 at the pop-up space, Kashmash (opened by Fahd Shah), in Siolim. On the menu will be an array of cold and hot mezze. Mezze refers to “entrée” ie a selection of small dishes, brought out in groups of 4 or 5 at a time, and is popular in the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In true Lebanese style, it’s not just dinner, it’s a celebration designed to impart an experience for foodies with vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. Take your time with every dish. Dunk freshly-cooked bread into cool and creamy dips, nibble on the hot and chunky mezze, and relax over complimentary cocktails that pair perfectly with the cuisine.

Check out the selection of cold and hot mezze, followed by barbequed fire-licked kebabs and koftas that will be on offer at ‘Wala Atyab’:

  • Fattoush: Vegetables dressed with lemon, sumac and olive oil

  • Leban Btoum: A traditional yogurt, mixed with mint and garlic

  • Hummus Bithini: A dip of chickpeas, tahini and lemon doused in olive oil

  • Babaganoush: Mashed eggplant dip wih tahini, lemon, aromatics with extra virgin olive oil

  • Bataata Haarra: Crispy cubes of potato, tossed with chilli, garlic and lemon

  • Arnabit: Fried cauliflower, served with luscious tarator, tahini, garlic and lemon

  • Hummus B’lahme: Hummus topped with minced mutton and pine nuts

  • Batenjeh Meshwi: Eggplant marinated in 7 spices, drizzled with pomegranate mollases and tahini

  • Hummus Aswad Kofta: Black chickpea kofta, with spices and parsley

  • Mushroom Taouk: Mushroom marinated in garlic and yogurt

  • Asbet Djej: Chicken liver fried the Lebanese way

  • Lahem Meshwi: Cubes of mutton, marinated with 7 Lebanese spices

  • Kebab Meshwi: Deep fried mutton burghul (patties), served on a chilli base

  • Arnabit-Chicken Taouk: Chicken breast marinated in garlic and yogurt

And, just when you think you cannot have another bite, you won’t be able to resist rounding off the feast with the oldest traditional dessert, Namoura (a semolina cake with toasted almonds, served with Lebanese style coffee)

Guests are requested to be seated by 7 pm sharp, so that the family-style feast can begin.

WHERE: ‘Kashmash’, Near Holy Cross High School, Marna, Siolim

WHEN: Saturday, April 23, 2022

TIMINGS: 7 pm onwards

RATE PER HEAD: ₹ 2,500 (non-veg), ₹ 2200 (veg)

RESERVATIONS: +91 9613483956

Savour veg and non-veg 'mezze' at ‘Wala Atyab’, in Siolim
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