If it's fish thalis you crave, then Bombil Restaurant is the place for you

Along with being famous for its party scenes, Goa is also renowned for its mouth-watery seafood. With plenty of options available in the tropical paradise, let us help you by narrowing the list down.
Bombil Restaurant in Panjim
Bombil Restaurant in PanjimFacebook/ Bombil Restaurant, Panjim

On the to-do list of every non-vegetarian who visits Goa, there is a high chance you will see 'try seafood thali' scribbled on it. And for good reason. Along with being famous for its party scenes, it's also renowned for its mouth-watering fish thalis. With plenty of options available in the tropical paradise, let us help you by narrowing the list down.

Bombil Restaurant, named after a kind of fish that was traditionally caught in the Konkan waters, is a place that deserves a visit if you venture into Goa's capital city.

The eaterie is situated on the roadside and right outside the entrance, you will be greeted by a mural of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet rendition- a damsel leaning on the window sill while her guitar-toting lover plays a melody to promise his love for her.

Exterior of Bombil Restaurant, Panjim
Exterior of Bombil Restaurant, PanjimGT Team

The menu is particularly brawny as vegetarians are left with fewer options, while non-vegetarians, on the other hand, might have a hard time deciding on what to order due to the variety of options available. Variations of pork, chicken, prawns, squids, beef- all cooked in nuances of Goan flavours. The menu is a carefully curated list decided by the restaurateur Joseph, who established the restaurant in 2019 when he realised that there is a section of migrant Goans and non-Goans residing in Panjim who yearn for homemade meals.

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If you ask me, I would suggest you visit the restaurant to have your lunch. The lunch menu offers a variety of seafood thali options with your choice of fish (lepo, bombil, prawn, kingfish to name a few). If among you is a vegetarian, let me assure you that Joseph hasn't overlooked your cravings as there is a veg thali available too. For the ones who are not in the mood for thalis, you can direct your attention towards the 'Special Fry' section which is sure to not disappoint. Scan your eyes for the chonak fry, which is a speciality of the Konkan region. Else, you can go for the chicken cafreal fry or pork amsol, both of which are Goan delicacies.

Chonak Thali
Chonak ThaliGT Team

Every thali comes with elaborate complementary sides like dry bombils, dry anchovies, macreal salad, prawns galmo potato chops, crushed papad, chonok head with tisreo sula, brinjal pickle, garlic pickle. At the end of the meal, you can complement your taste buds with Sol kodi and Sheera with halwa and Goan bibik.

Kingfish fry
Kingfish fryGT Team

While you savour on your food, you can look around the cafe to find local fisherman's stories illustrated in murals and archival photos of the old Goa framed in colourful window frames.

Interior of Bombil Restaurant
Interior of Bombil RestaurantGT Team

Best time to go: 12PM to 2PM

Where to find: Opp Military Hospital, Campal Brg, Panaji, Goa

Approx. cost: Rs 600 for two

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