The wonderful Goan cutlet pao

You can feast on the fabulous cutlet pao made by these three family-run places that are known to be the best in and around Panjim
Cutlet pao - simple, yet delicious!
Cutlet pao - simple, yet delicious!Pic courtesy: AK King

If you are reading this article, chances are that you already know what cutlet bread is. But just in case you are one of those people that are genuinely clueless, buckle up, because from this moment on your taste buds are going on the best rollercoaster ride ever. Cutlet bread simply consists of a boneless chicken or beef cutlet that is well marinated, coated in semolina and fried. The cutlet is then tucked into a pao or poi (Goan bread roll) along with spicy chicken or beef gravy and salad. A super hit among the locals, once you start eating cutlet bread, you are hooked on it. Here are three places in and around Panjim that have people rushing to them as soon as the wheels of their planes touch down in Goa.  

Pao Hub 

Recently joining the cutlet pao squad, we have Pao Hub. A colourfully doodled gaddo that serves delicious and well-marinated cutlet bread, among other snacks. Although they started only recently, Pao Hub has picked up very well and deservingly has many customers flooding in to enjoy the mouth-watering cutlet bread and other tasty items on the menu.  

Where: Taleigao, Near the ground opposite Magsons 

Price: ₹90 each 

Timings: 6 pm-10 pm 

Contact: +91 8208745020

Costa Fast Food 

Based in Santa Cruz, Costa cutlet bread is a must-have if you are craving a tempting and filling bite. The crowd that is usually gathered around this place speaks to the delectable flavour of the cutlet bread and other snacks. Make sure you get there nice and early so you get your share of this juicy bite. 

Where: Old Highway Rd, Neugi Nagar, Goa 

Price: ₹90 each 

Timings: 5:30 pm-10 pm 

Contact: +91 9766452506

D’silva Fast Food 

One of the oldest places around, D’silva’s is a spot that sells cutlet bread and other eatables that have been loved by all for ages. It is frequently visited by locals and revisited by tourists for its famous titbits. Located opposite Miramar Beach, this is a great place to pick up your appetising cutlet bread and enjoy the sunset. 

Where: Dr Jack de Sequeira Road, Miramar Beach, Panaji, Goa 

Price: ₹90 each

Timings: 11 am-11 pm 

Contact: +91 9822158338

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