Traveller's Guide: Why hostels are becoming popular in Goa?

Basically, everyone you meet in a hostel is a friend.
Why hostels are becoming popular in Goa?
Why hostels are becoming popular in Goa?Instagram/ pappichulohostel

Finding the right kind of accommodation can be a hassle for travellers. The ample number of options available on apps like Airbnb and Oyo have just increased the confusion rather than defuse it. If you are travelling within a large group with a big budget, then going for a villa or a hotel would ideally be the right choice. But with the growing trend of solo travelling, came the rising popularity of backpackers hostels.

Let's just get this out first. If you are looking to go somewhere for a quiet time and privacy, hostels are not the right fit for you. Most people don't go to a hostel to be by themselves. Basically, everyone you meet in a hostel is a friend. Since the only option of rooms is dormitories, you will be sharing your space with strangers (or friends in the making). Whether it is a solo traveller or a group of friends you encounter here, you would always find that everyone is open to conversations. If you built a good enough rapport with them, who knows, you might even share your adventures with them.

What makes hostels a unique experience is the warm sentiment of community spirit. As a solo traveller, you will get to meet other solo travellers and inevitably, people from all walks of life. Staying with these stranger-turned-friends for the next couple of days is bound to give you an experience that is quite unmatched. The fact that hostels are a cheaper alternative to other options is also an attractive factor. Nonetheless, you can also find travellers with a decent budget opting for hostels over other accommodations due to the unique vibe offered by every backpacker's hostel.

It's no secret that Goa is also a major attraction for foreigners. It's been noticed that a lot of foreigners choose backpackers hostel for accommodation. Again, the community spirit is the factor here. People travel to other countries to experience other cultures, try local food and interact with the natives- all of which can be acquired at hostels.

Let's not forget about partying. You already know what you get when you bring together a bunch of young folks and give them access to alcohol-endless partying. There is always some activity or a party going on in hostels. I'm not just talking about loud, brash, headbanging parties. You will also find quiet nights when folks are mingling with each other, enjoying the sips of their cocktails while a musician plays a melodious piece on his/her guitar.

Here's the three reason why you stay in a hostel on your Goa trip

1. Meet people from all walks of life

2. Folks you find in a hostel can give you excellent travel advice

3. Fun activities or parties every day

Average cost - Rs500-1000 per night

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