Four iconic concept stores to visit in Goa

It's like walking into a life-size Pinterest board, but only here, you can actually pick and buy what you like.
Four iconic concept stores to visit in Goa
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If you are an aesthetics enthusiast, I am sure you have come across a website called It's known for its aesthetic photos, neatly organised rooms, colourful home decor and other artwork. In college, I would scroll through the website for hours, admiring the beauty encompassed on that website.

And then, years later, in Goa, I was introduced to the idea of a concept store. However, until the time I walked into the store, I had no idea what I was missing out on. It was almost like walking into a life-size Pinterest board.

Before I go on to tell you about the concept stores in Goa, if you are someone like me, still unaware of the idea, let me first help you understand what a concept store is.

Origin of concept stores

The origin of the idea of a concept store can be traced back to West of London, in Chelsea. A woman named Mary Quant, whose known to be the creator of the miniskirt, opened the first-ever concept store, called Bazaar, which by 1975 went on to become a global fashion empire. The Bazaar was celebrated for bringing together music, design and art in the form of an artistic rendezvous.

The idea of a concept store goes beyond the general idea of a store. The primary aim is not to sell, as much as it is to bring art together. It is a collective of fine and exceptional items, that go beyond being mere products. A concept boutique is rather a mix of commerce and contemplation, fashion, and art. These objects are not considered as a consumer product, but rather, a form of art.

Now, that you have an idea of concept stores, let me introduce you to four of the most iconic concept stores in Goa.

Paper Boat

The exterior of the store greets you with vibrant blue waves splashed over a white typical-old Goan house. The dangling crystals from the porch ceiling sparkle as the setting sun reflects on them. And then, when you enter through the antique blue wooden door, you are greeted by a peculiar earthy vibe, tuned to indie instrumental music.

Paper Boat concept store is a collective that stands by the philosophy of promoting conscious, stylish and handmade products. For this, they bring together a variety of Indian designers to display handcrafted products from various categories — personal use, home decor, clothing and gift articles. These products are carefully curated to intrinsically display the Indian ethos.

The store is divided into various sections ranging from clothing, cosmetics, home decor, personal use accessories, kids section and more.

While sharing the ideology of the store, the founder Bahgyashree Patwardhan mentioned how she looked at the store as a form of curating art, more than products. She wishes the store to be an experience for people who visit the store, rather than just come and shop.

How to reach: 248 Chogm Road, Sangolda, Goa 403511.

When to visit: Open all days week

10:30 am - 7:30 pm

Check them out:

Flame Store

Words like chic, sophisticated and tasteful cross your mind as you enter Flame Store in Goa. Located around various locations in north Goa, Flame store is one of the most well-known boutiques here.

The boutique offers a collection of designer accessories, home decor, clothing and cosmetics. The clothes offered in the store are designed in-house, whereas the other items are curated through various designers from around the world.

The clothes at the Flame Store spell 'susegaad' like none other. The flowy maxi dresses, coords and casual one-pieces in earthy tones are a portrait of the scenic coastline of goa.

How to reach: Next Mae de Deus Church, 66, Chogm Rd, Sangolda, Goa 403511

When to visit: Open all days of the week

10:30 am - 7:30 pm

Check them out:

Mermaid Boutique

Imagine what would happen if a unicorn came and spilt its rays over a boutique. That's how the image of the boutique is plastered in my head. Filled with vibrant hues of pink, green, blue and white, the clothes at the Mermaid boutique are sure to mesmerise you.

While in a conversation with the founder, XXX explained how the mermaid boutique for her is a reflection of her perspective of Goa and the culmination of culture that the state experiences.

The colours of the apparel section in the boutique looked like a representation of the various types of people that visit Goa, and the designs seemed to be inspired by the freedom that the coastal state has to offer.

How to reach: No 5, Our Lady of Health Complex Mazal Vaddo, next to Mr Gelato, Anjuna, Goa 403509

When to visit: Open all days of the week

11:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Owned by an Australian lady, the name Rangeela perfectly defines everything the concept store stands for. Tucked away on the narrow roads of Assagao, guarded by a stunning courtyard, is an old house that holds hoards of untold stories. Each piece inhabiting the store gives an image of having travelled hundreds of miles to make it to Rangeela.

The boutique offers a variety of selections such as apparel, home decor, furniture and antiques sourced from all over India. A majority of their products come from Rajasthan, Gujarat and even Assam. The apparel section features various international designers that offer a perfect selection for beach and resort wear.

A walk through the corridor of Rangeela feels like an experience of walking through an antique museum. The wall on the left of the corridor, features brass utensils, ceramic kitchenware, beautiful figurines and quirky masks.

Something that stood out to me in the boutique was the home decor section, especially kitchenware made out of oyster shells. Some of the items featured at Rangeela are mere collectables that you would never find anywhere.

How to Reach: 13, Anjuna Mapusa Rd, near Gunpowder Restaurant, Saunta Vaddo, Gumal Vaddo, Assagao, Goa 403507

When to visit: Open on all days of the week

10:00 am to 9:30 pm

Check them out:

If you happen to check out these stores, do let us know what you liked about them. Even if you are not in a mood to shop, visiting a concept store could give you the experience of visiting an art exhibition. And we suggest, when in Goa, you must check them out.

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