Don’t miss the premiere of the Konkani film ‘Aiz Maka Falya Tuka’

The Konkani film 'Aiz Maka Falya Tuka' received an award in 2020
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For representation purposes only

Want to watch a Konkani film? Check out the premier of the Konkani film, Aiz Maka Falya Tuka (Me Today, You Tomorrow) which will to held on Friday, January 27, 2023 at 6.30 pm. The film has been directed by Sreejith Karnaver. 

At the film bazaar in the year 2020, the film Aiz Maka Falya Tuka won the ‘Prasad Lab DI Award & Movie buff Appreciation Award’. 

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The 1hr 28 minute film has Ravio Rafus Fernandes, Prashanti Talpankar, Milind Nabar and Selwyn D’Silva in the cast. This is the first-ever screening of the film and it will be attended by the cast and crew. 


The film is a supernatural mystery and is set in the village of Carona. It is a story based on an archaeologist who unearths a medieval idol; the village is plagued by disappearances and deaths, leaving its residents to run for safety.

A few months later, the archaeologist reaches the abandoned village to uncover the source of the affliction that may be closer than he thinks.

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WHEN: January 27, 2023

WHERE: Maquinez Palace Theatre, Panjim

TIMINGS: 6.30 pm

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