Find out what artist Subodh Kerkar has to say about the ‘History of Goa’

On Sunday, May 8, 2022, Subodh Kerkar, founder of Museum of Goa (MOG), Pilerne, will present a talk entitled ‘History of Goa’, which promises to share insights into pre-Portuguese Goa
Artist, Subodh Kerkar
Artist, Subodh KerkarGomantak Times

The 450-year-old history of colonial rule is evident from its strong influence on Goa’s culture, architecture, art, etc. However, not much light has been shed on the pre-Portuguese era. In view of this, artist and founder of Museum of Goa (MOG), Subodh Kerkar, will host a talk on ‘History of Goa’.

This lecture is part of the weekly MOG Sundays, and will delve into the surviving elements and customs that have stood the test of time, and how they continue to narrate a tale of the past.

Subodh Kerkar, who was born in the village of Keri, located on the border of Goa, is a medical professional. In order to fulfill his aim of hosting a creative art space, he gave up medicine to pursue art at the age of 30.

He is well-known in the field of art, and comments on various social, political, religious and other issues, and is the son of acclaimed artist, Chandrakant Kerkar.

Over the years, Subodh has showcased some of the most interesting installations to convey messages through art. He mostly focuses on eco-friendly and theme-based installations and makes use of pebbles, shells, palm trees, sand, etc.

As the Founding Director of MOG, he has put together various art installations that not only take the viewer close to art, but also give a deep insight into Goa’s history, culture and lifestyle.


DATE: May 8, 2022

TIME: 11:30am

LOCATION: Museum of Goa, Pilerne

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