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A fascinating glow, called ‘foxfire’ or ‘fairyfire’, lines the forest floor in India’s Western Ghats
A glow, called ‘foxfire’ or ‘fairyfire’, lines the forest floor
A glow, called ‘foxfire’ or ‘fairyfire’, lines the forest floorGomantak Times

While Goa’s sunny skies and sandy shores draw hordes of tourists all-year-round, this tiny state puts on a different kind of show during the monsoons.

Apart from the landscape turning a lush green, nights come alive for an altogether different reason, when Goa’s forests exhibit a mysterious glow. This glow, also called ‘foxfire’ or ‘fairyfire’, lines the forest floor and is courtesy of Mycena fungi, which are known to produce such bioluminescence. This fungi is found in abundance in India’s Western Ghats.

This fungal bioluminescence is part of the night trails, organised by Goa-based Mrugaya Xpeditions, a tour company run by naturalists, and offering a variety of multi-day tours, day trips, study tours and nature camps which focus on wildlife.

For more details on night trails, Mrugaya Xpeditions can be contacted on +91 9049911877 or +91 98221 29811

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