Island calling! PYA Bonderam all set to rock Divar

Bigger and better, PYA Bonderam promises entertainment, performances from singer Mark Revlon and more
Villagers performing traditional Goan dance at Bonderam.
Villagers performing traditional Goan dance at Bonderam. Photo: Venita Gomes

A centuries-old tradition, the festival of Bonderam is uniquely celebrated only on the Goan island of Divar.

The island is all set to celebrate its second round of Bonderam festivities today. While the first round took place last Saturday at Malar, in Divar, the second round takes place in Piedade, which is also in Divar.

The second and bigger version of the annual traditional flag festival is the PYA 'Bonderam 2023'. It has been organised by the Piedade Youth Association (PYA), and will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2023 from 3 pm onwards.  

This year, the event marks its 39th year and promises to be a total fun fest with the much-awaited monsoon fiesta of music, floats, dancing and more.

Villagers performing traditional Goan dance at Bonderam.
Bonderam remains a treasured tradition for ‘Malarkars’
A replica of the famous Viceroys Arch, in Old Goa.
A replica of the famous Viceroys Arch, in Old Goa.Photo: Venita Gomes

A joyous celebration that witnesses the participation of the island's residents from all age groups, PYA 'Bonderam 2023' will begin with the traditional flag march, which will be followed by the All Goa Fancy Dress Competition.

Each ward from the village will present a float parade with tunes that are sure to make you groove!

The event will be hosted by the bubbly and energetic Jessica Sharma. There will be performances from Goa's 7 Notes band, the talented Mark Revlon and band, and DJ Ryan Nogar, all of who are sure to knock your socks off!

So, grab your dancing shoes and make your way to the other side of town, the island of Divar awaits you!

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