With '50 not out' in 2nd innings, Alkaa Vats looks to go places

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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Although she had no prior knowledge, with her grit, wit, knowledge and a pleasing personality, Vats has become a much sought after tourist guide for her guests within five years.

Arpora: At the age of 45 when most professionals are looking at managerial positions in their respective fields, Alkaa Vats, a Chemical Engineer, started her career’s second innings after a 10-year-long family break to re-establish herself in the professional world, for which she chose to be a travel guide with Thomas Cook.

“I studied Chemical Engineering and then did Marketing Management. I never thought of this profession even in my wildest dreams. But I had to take a break for family and that’s how I discontinued my profession,” Vats says.

When she wanted to start again, the technology had advanced beyond her reach.

“Things changed fast and I felt lost. But the urge to give my life meaning was so powerful that I started trying other options instead of sitting home and catching up with technology,” she informs.

She is among the first generation of her family born in divided India.

“My grandfather used to travel from Multan (in Pakistan) to places like Shimla cycling with his friends. He was a civil engineer and my father Om Prakash Sachdeva was an architect, who also loved to travel. Technology and travel run in my genes,” says this energetic tourism professional, currently in Goa for a company training program at Arpora.

She credits her mixologist daughter based in Goa Vasundhara and mother Mohinder Kaur Sachdeva for motivating her to make a comeback in the professional world after a long break of 10 years.

“I was new to this field. But I knew I was with a company which nurtures people,” she says.

Her reading habit, physical fitness, and caring nature has helped her forge good relations with her guests.

“I try to co-relate a few historical facts with the present scenario. Not every guest is well-versed in history. But they love to interact. It’s like they are your own family and we have to think from the heart and not from the mind. Meals, places of interest, travel, stay - everything needs to be considered as it is holiday trip and not a school tour,” she says.

She started her second innings at the age of 45 yrs. But for her age is just a number.

“Willpower and hard work can help cross any boundary.” - Alkaa Vats

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