National Doctors' Day: Especially dedicated to doctors braving the Covid-19 pandemic

Since 1991, July 1 is celebrated as National Doctors' Day.
Globally, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on various days throughout the year. (Gomantak Times)
Globally, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on various days throughout the year. (Gomantak Times)

Even though July 1 is celebrated every year, since 1991, these past years have given a new significance to the day. Being on the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic, these medical warriors have been saving lives at the cost of their own. 

History of National Doctors’ Day:

It would be an understatement to say that doctors have been revered around the world even before the pandemic hit. Globally, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on various days throughout the year. While the first-ever Doctors’ Day was celebrated in 1933 in Georgia, USA, in India, it was celebrated on July 1, 1991. Every year, the day is celebrated in the memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, former chief minister of West Bengal.

Dr Roy was a notable physician, who made an enormous contribution to the medical field. The former CM of Bengal was born on July 1, 1882, and died on the same day on his 80th birthday.

Theme for 2021

This year’s theme for Doctors’ Day is ‘Save the Saviours’. Throughout the pandemic, dressed in uncomfortable PPE kits, the doctors have braved the virus. According to Indian Medical Association, unfortunately, we lost over 1,500 doctors to the pandemic. Thus, this year’s theme is to honour the doctors who succumbed to Covid.

Not only the doctors but the entire medical force (yes, we think they have been a force!) have been fighting the one and a half year long pandemic. 

Twitterverse buzzes

Among the thousands who took to the microblogging site to thank all the doctors for putting their lives on the line, Indian politicians, officials and celebrities have extended their heartfelt wishes as well.

On Doctors Day, my greetings to all doctors. India's strides in the world of medicine are commendable and have contributed to making our planet healthier. Here is what I said during #MannKiBaat a few days ago.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)

कोरोना महामारी में हमारे डॉक्टर्स ने कई-कई दिनों तक बिना सोए दिन-रात लोगों की सेवा की है, हम उनका ये कर्ज़ ताउम्र नहीं चुका सकते। #NationalDoctorsDay पर हमारे सभी डॉक्टर्स को सलाम जिन्होंने इस महामारी में लाखों लोगों की जान बचाकर उनके परिवारों को बिखरने से बचाया।

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal)

#Amul Topical: Celebrating National Doctor’s Day!

— (@Amul_Coop)

Heartfelt gratitude to all the Doctors and healthcare workers who work round the clock to keep us safe. Their efforts in fighting this pandemic deserve huge respect. #NationalDoctorsDay

— DK (@DineshKarthik)

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