Waste management and unreliable power supply plague industries in Goa

Chairman of Goa IDC, Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco, assures industry members that their woes will be addressed, and new initiatives to make Goa investment-friendly are underway
Alexio Reginaldo interaction with CII Industry members
Alexio Reginaldo interaction with CII Industry membersGomantak Times

Members of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Goa were part of an exclusive interactive session with Chairman of Goa IDC, Reginaldo Lourenco. During the session, various issues related to industrial estates and the state infrastructure were discussed.

Issues such as narrow road access, the need for truck parking and warehousing facilities were highlighted. The industry members also said that there was a need for reliable and quality power supply as well as raw water supply, proper waste management facilities, etc.

Alexio Reginaldo interaction with CII Industry members
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They also discussed the need for improving fire hydrant systems in industrial estates, rather than mandating individual units to store huge quantities of potable water, to be used only in case of an emergency. The need for asphalting existing roads, and many more issues that affect the day-to-day activities of the industry, which in turn affect Ease of Doing Business in the state were raised.

With digitalization, a lot of work is now handled online, and hence, the members of the CII requested a minimal human interface, including an upgrade and a user-friendly online portal, especially with regard to redressal of complaints as is the case in other states.

Due to the absence of a nodal officer to liaise on behalf of the Goa IDC, the members asked the chairman to urgently look into the matter of appointing one for the post, and to provide support while setting up new industries and investments in the state.

In order to setup private industrial estates in Goa, the members also requested the IDC to explore the possibility of developing privately- owned land in the state for industrial activity jointly with private landowners.

They also said that the government should hold more industrial galas for promoting industrial activity, which will benefit the state economically.

Alexio Reginaldo interaction with CII Industry members
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Chairman of Goa IDC, Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco assured CII Goa members that all the issues highlighted and brought to his notice would be looked into and long pending issues would be resolved and addressed at the earliest so as to enhance Ease of Doing Business for the industry.

In order to make Goa an attractive investment destination, various initiatives are underway, Lourenco mentioned.

Alexio Reginaldo interaction with CII Industry members
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