`Act against miscreants dumping garbage outside main gate of BITS-Pilani campus'

A view of illegal dumping of garbage along the roadside near the BITS-Pilani campus at Zuarinagar, Vasco.BITS Pilani Goa campus, public relations officer Arjun Halarnkar on Monday informed that for the last few months some miscreants were dumping garbage and burning it in an open area opposite the institute's main gate across the road. He said the matter was brought to the notice of the Sancoale village panchayat and the Verna police requesting them to initiate action against those unauthorisedly dumping garbage and burning it.
`Act against miscreants dumping garbage outside the main gate of BITS-Pilani campus'
`Act against miscreants dumping garbage outside the main gate of BITS-Pilani campus'

VASCO: The management of the BITS-Pilani KK Birla Goa campus, Zuarinagar has urged the concerned authorities and the police to initiate action against the miscreants illegally dumping garbage on the roadside outside the main gate of the campus.

According to Halarnkar, garbage was mostly dumped along the roadside and was then set afire producing lit of smoke that was blackening the campus area in toxic. He said that the smoke was causing pollution and was also dangerous for the health of students, staff and those residing in the nearby residential quarters.

Halarnkar said that the BITS-Pilani management was committed to complying with all provisions of the solid waste management (SWM) laid down by the government from time to time and it had also established its own waste treatment plant to treat waste generated in the campus. He feared that if the illegal dumping of waste opposite the campus gate continues then during monsoon, the entire garbage including plastic will flow into the drains and could cause flooding near the campus.

Halarnkar, however, disclosed that in June last year the garbage dumping was stopped the following action by the Verna police. But after a few days the miscreants again started dumping garbage, he said appealing to both the authorities -- village panchayat and the police to take immediate action against the miscreants and to stop the nuisance.

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