Cancel voter cards issued to migrants: Revolutionary Goans

Revolutionary Goans convenor Manoj Parab addresses a meeting at Sancoale on Sunday. The meeting was largely attended by villagers from Sancoale and other surrounding areas.
Cancel voter cards issued to migrants: Revolutionary Goans
Cancel voter cards issued to migrants: Revolutionary Goans

VASCO: The Revolutionary Goans on Sunday declared its campaign to demand cancellation of illegal voter identity cards (EPIC) issued to migrants living in the State.

Addressing a largely attended meeting at Sancoale, Revolutionary Goans convenor Manoj Parab said that they will launch a campaign against migrant workers who hold two Elector's Photo Identity Cards (EPIC). He said that every voter had to enroll his/her name in one place only ie at the place of his/her residence and not in a different place in which he/she currently staying.

Parab alleged that many migrants living in the State had to hold two EPIC and were voting in two different States which was an offense. They also form a major vote bank for some politicians at the time of elections. He demanded that booth level officers (BLOs) and the electoral registration office should verify all the details of the applicants before enrolling them as voters in the State.

Parab also appealed to the people to provide a list of such illegal voters and assured them that the Revolutionary Goans would ensure that these voters surrender one of these voter identity cards and possess only one EPIC card. He charged that there were attempts to cancel the meeting and warned migrants leaders enjoying political patronage not to invite the wrath of members of Revolutionary Goans.

Parab held some of the politicians responsible for creating migrants' vote banks for their selfish gain. He alleged that one of the migrant leaders was a teacher in the locality and had the audacity to approach the deputy collector to cancel the public meeting. He further stated the Revolutionary Goans will see these migrant leaders are shown their place.

Parab also declared that the Revolutionary Goans will give responsibilities and powers to every Goan wherever they visit so that the flame of the ongoing revolution would continue and every village and every city will be protected from migrants who were taking away everything that Goans deserved. He said that the Revolutionary Goans will achieve their goal in a peaceful and democratic manner and once again appeal to the people to support the cause and protect Goa for posterity.

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